7 Dec 2016

Peak View – 9 December 2016

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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents

I do hope you enjoyed last night at the St Johns Cathedral.  Like us, I am sure you were very proud of the children and continue to be impressed by their abilities.  It was another special night at the Cathedral and I am extremely grateful to Jane and the team who worked so closely with the children to make it so.

My thanks also to the PTA who organised the event in conjunction with the school. On Wednesday we had the PTA EGM and the new Articles of Association were passed.  At this meeting, Brian Schroeder, who has been our chair for the past 16 months resigned from the position.  I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Brian for his commitment to the PTA, the school and indeed ESF.  Brian worked tirelessly, along with the legal team at ESF, to finalise the Articles so that Peak School was the leading school in this area.  The Articles are now at a stage where all the other ESF schools can adopt them as their own and this is, in a huge part, to the work that Brian has done.  Brian, despite his children having already left Peak School in June, kindly gave up many hours of his own time to continue to support the school and for this we are very grateful. Thank you Brian for your commitment to the PTA and the school and it is a credit to you that the people who benefitted the most from your work and support were the children.

Finally, if I don’t get a chance to see you before we end the term, I do want to take this opportunity to say thank you once again for your wonderful support and I wish everyone one of you a very Merry and Prosperous Christmas and New Year.

Warm Regards
Bill Garnett

Artificial Turf Update

You may be aware that artificial turf pitches have been closed across the ESF Secondary Schools.  Our turf has not been affected by this closure owing to the fact that our turf is a 4th generation turf.  This means that apparently our turf does not have the same potential health and safety concerns to that of turfs found in some of the International Schools in Hong Kong including our Secondary Schools.

We just wanted to reassure you that our artificial turf is not affected by the closures and that our children can continue to enjoy the upper playground as per normal.

Key Dates

Golden Book

PTA News

Message from the PTA Chair

Dear Parents

We hope you could make it to the carol service at St. John’s this week, and thank you to those of you who made it to the EGM and gathering with Chris Binge from Island School on Wednesday.

PTA Articles of Association

At the EGM on Wednesday, 7 December, our members voted to approve and enact a special resolution adopting the revised Articles approved by the IRD.  A lot of people worked to make this happen, in particular Claire Kendall, our Honorary Secretary.  A big thank you goes to all who helped with this project.

With enacting the Articles my commitment to the committee and school is complete, and I’ve stepped down per plan as of the EGM this morning Wednesday.  It’s been a pleasure and privilege to serve the school community of parents, children, and educators, and to be a part of a wonderful group of committed people and PTA colleagues while serving on the PTA.

Bingo Night:  19 January

On 19 January, we will have a bingo night.  Do mark your calendars so you and your family can hear the teachers calling and have a great evening playing.

Art Auction:  23 February

On 23 February, we will hold an art auction as a community event and to raise funds for the school.  Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the date.  If you would like to contribute art, please get in touch with Jackie in the office so she can connect you with the event leaders.

PTA Fees

Most parents have paid their fees, however if you have yet to pay your membership fees for 2016/2017, please do so.  You can arrange this or clarify any questions with Jackie.

PTA Committee

Do consider getting involved with the PTA on our committee.  If you have questions about how you could contribute or how to join, please get in touch with Jackie who can connect you with the committee.

Winter Break

My very best to all of you and your families, and I hope you have an excellent winter holiday as 2017 fast approaches.

Best regards
Brian Schroeder
PTA Chairman

Message from the PTA Administrator

School Bus

Notification of Changes – if your child has either a change in travel plans OR enrolled in After School Activities in Term 2 (Jan 2017 ~ Mar 2017) … and WILL NOT be travelling home on the bus, you need to inform us immediately in writing via email to: pta@peakschool.net

Please note:

  • All parents are responsible to inform the school of any change before 12:30pm on the day.
  • Please remind your child(ren) of the change in travel plans and ensure your child(ren) understands.

For further queries on the above please do not hesitate to contact Jackie at the PTA office either by phone: 2849 8376 or by email: pta@peakschool.net

Second Hand School Uniforms and Children’s Clothes

PTA is gathering second hand school uniforms and children’s clothes for Crossroads Foundation.  A collection box located outside of the school office from 3th January to 13th January 2017.

Please ensure all items have been washed and in reasonable condition.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Bingo Night, Thursday 19th Jan 2016

Please, put it in your diary, tickets will be available for sale in January 2017.

All proceeds from the event will go towards school projects.

Thank you so much for all your support! Have a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year!

Jackie To
PTA Administrator

PE News

Boys Football Round Up

What a busy finale to the first term with the Boys Football Teams participating in two tournaments days apart.  At the ESF Tournament the team played some excellent football and moved from their pool to the Bowl semifinals. After a nail biting game it came down to a penalty shootout with Chinese International School. After a very exciting round of penalty shooting Peak unfortunately did not move on.  The school then prepared itself for the next tournament hosted by DBIS and brought two teams.  Both teams got off to a great start but in the end only the ‘A’ team went undefeated and were tied for first in their pool. The stars were not aligned for us again and the team did not go on due to an inferior goal difference.

Congratulations to the following players for all their hard work at training and in all the tournaments: Harry Skurnik, Alex Williams, Ben Jewsbury, Lucas Munt, Zac Brasington, Matthew Peters, Arthur Ho, Will Gray, Will Roma, Will Brasington, Alastair Metson, Zach Nocom, Aiden Crewe, Gabriele De Riu, Thomas Hall, Sebastian Chan, Gustavo Hendricks, and Elias Klaus.

The Peak School Netball Club Season Review

After 17 weeks and over 40 games the Peak School Netball Club’s season officially ended with tournaments for the ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams. On the weekend the ‘A’ Team participated at the Australian International School where they competed against all the ESF and International Schools in Hong Kong. The team played well and finished 4th in their pool. In the next round they faced 3rd place Shatin Junior and narrowly lost 2 – 1. The ‘B’ and ‘C’ teams played their final tournament on Wednesday in Aberdeen. Both teams played seven games each winning some, losing some and tying some.

Throughout the season the girls worked hard on all the basic skills and in particular their positional movement on the court. With each game, friendly or in a tournament all three teams improved significantly. This was evident particularly in their last tournament when a number of coaches commented on not only their excellent sportsmanship and fair play but how much they had improved. Congratulations to the following girls on a great season: Chloe Butteux, Jaya Mohan, Yennah Lee, Gali Leung, Georgia Lyden, Harriet Cook, Anna Keys, Katie Butler, Olivia Nicholls, Sophie Williams, Lucia Groser, Florrie Hattam, Anum Javed, Nora Donovan, Isabella Liu, Allie Kwong, Anaya Rao, Christina Aron, Mila Said, Victoria Kind, Matilda Paisley and Elizabeth Bower. The team would also like to thank all the parents who came and supported them and particularly Ms. Ainsworth, Ms. Cann and Mrs. Groser for all the coaching and refereeing they did throughout the season.

Jamie Erwin

Chinese News

Chinese Home Learning

The recent Chinese home learning issued on 2 December 2016 can be found in your child’s year group Chinese home learning folder on Planet Peak. Merry Christmas and Chinese New Year!  圣诞快乐!新年快乐!

The 7th Peak School Putonghua Speech Festival

As the prelude of Chinese New Year Celebration, the exciting 7th Peak School Putonghua Speech Festival 2016-2017 is coming up after the Christmas break.  Details will be shared on Peak View after the holiday! It is a great opportunity for children to show cases their language and presentation skills. We always had a significant number of participants in the past 6 years and we are looking forward to have an increased number this year with children’s growing enthusiasm in their learning.

The Chinese Team

Library News


Here is all our news.

The Library Team

After School Activities

After School Activities Timetable (Term 2)

ESF Sports Winter Camps (13~30 Dec 2016)

ESF Language & Learning Winter Camps (28~31 Dec 2016)

French Class



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