19 May 2017

Peak View – 19 May 2017

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[wc_fa icon=”angle-right” margin_left=”” margin_right=””][/wc_fa]  Danceathon, 24 May (Wed) 15:30 @ Hall
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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents

Our Year 6 children were involved in their Year 6 Exhibition last night and it was a very proud moment for everyone involved.  The children, for the past 7 weeks, have worked very hard to research an area that they are passionate about.  But it is more than simply doing research from a computer.  There is an expectation to talk to experts, come up with ways to raise awareness and then take action.

The reason the Year 6 Exhibition is so successful year after year is because it is all about what the children are passionate about.  They choose the focus area or areas and are genuinely engaged with the process from the very beginning.

My thanks to all the staff and community members who supported the children through their exhibition and I know that the children will benefit significantly, moving into Secondary School, from this experience.

This week in my blog, which you can access by clicking HERE, I cover the following:

  • Real Life Action Hero – As you know we encourage our children to take action to make a difference.  What you may not know is that Jane Engelmann was involved in some action recently that has had a huge impact.
  • Summer Works Update – did you know we are getting the netball court resurfaced or that the upstairs toilet is being refitted?
  • Scholarship Idea – the School Council are still very interested in your feedback.
  • Uniform – A reminder that black leather shoes must be worn as part of our everyday uniform.
  • Year 1-5 Student Led Conferences – A reminder to book your time for next Friday if you have not already done so.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Warm Regards
Bill Garnett

Key Dates

Peak School Has Talent

Call for Volunteers

Peak School Has Talent is coming up soon!  Every year, the PTA hosts this fabulous show featuring the different talents of Peak School students.  PSHT gives children in Years 3 to 6 the opportunity to showcase their special performing talents – in the past, we’ve had many entertaining performances from musicians, singers, dancers, actors and even magicians! However, these events can only run with the help of parent volunteers.  Please consider contributing some time to this event, either in the lead up the event itself.

We need the following crew members:

  • Backstage crew – will need to be available for tech and dress rehearsals on June 13th and 15th and the evening of June 16th
  • Lighting/sound board operator – will need to be available for tech and dress rehearsals on June 13th and 15th and the evening of June 16th
  • Front of House Manager – everything not on stage – tickets, seating, snacks etc, will take some time to organise leading up to the event)
  • Hair and Make-up Team (only needed on event day) – TBC

If you are interested in any of these roles, we would love to hear from you! Please email pta@peakschool.net if you would like to be part of the crew or if you have any questions.

Audition Schedule

Auditions will be held on the following lunchtimes:

  • Friday, 19 May
  • Monday, 22 May
  • Thursday, 25 May.

The children have been informed of their audition schedule.  If your child has signed up to audition, please make sure that they are able to join the show on Friday, 16 June from 18:00 – 20:00.  If they are unable to join on that evening, please let your child know so that we can remove them from the roster of auditionees.  Results of the auditions will be posted in school on the week of 29 May.

We will also be scheduling a separate audition for emcees.  Interested children need to start practicing reading from a script.

Danceathon, 24 May (Wed) 15:30 @ Hall

PYP News

Jurassic Garage with Y1

Tony and Ashley from Jurassic Garage visited our Y1s on Wednesday and introduced us to their animal friends.  We met Karen and Richard who are American Rat Snakes, Amy our favourite hedgehog, Mr Grumpy the snapping turtle, Fred the Argentinian tegu, a bearded dragon, a tarantula and a family of newts!  The children bravely petted the animals — yes, all of them except for Mr. Grumpy!  We are learning about the characteristics of living things so please ask the children to describe the animals to you and to let you know what they have learned from the Jurassic Garage visit.

Unicef with Y4

In Y4, the children have been inquiring into how powerful natural forces have an impact on the lives of people.  This week, Mr. Lam of Unicef came to talk about the work they do following natural disasters, most especially the how they support children affected by disasters.  This provides us a strong link between the current unit and the upcoming unit on how individuals and groups in the community create systems to support each other.  Many thanks to UNICEF for always supporting us!

Y5 at the Science Museum

The Y5s travelled to Tsim Sha Tsui last week to visit the Science Museum and learn more about their unit on Energy.  They are wrapping up this unit and are about to begin their final unit in Y5.

PYP Exhibition

Finally, and certainly not the least, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL Y6s for a successful PYP Exhibition.  Big thanks to all the students, parents, teachers, mentors, and community members who have helped the children with their exhibition topics.  We will be sharing photos from the Exhibition Premiere and the Exhibition evening with the community very soon.  It was a wonderful evening, where the children showed us that truly by following our passions, we can work together towards building a happy and healthy planet!

Chiqui Colet
Vice Principal & PYP Coordinator

Green Week

The Green Group are organising a Green Week to take place in Peak School from 5th – 9th June. During the course of the week we will be organising a range of activities to encourage students and families to take action towards living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Points for parents to note:

 – We will be promoting the week as a “Nude Food” week; ideally all snacks and lunches brought into school during the week should be packaging free. We are aiming to reduce packaging in school and also at home. Instead of buying pre-packed and individually wrapped snacks we urge you to consider buying a larger packet and which can then be decanted into smaller containers for snack at school. Alternatively, fruit is a healthy snack with the added advantage that it is often naturally wrapped in its own peel (and we can compost the peel at school).

Thursday 8th June is World Oceans Day and we will be holding a “Dress Green or Blue but Nothing New” day. We encourage students to be as creative as they like in designing their outfit, perhaps incorporating recycled material or a message about ocean conservation. The students will be collecting donations on the day to support the work of WWF and the Hong Kong Shark Foundation. A donation of $20 is suggested.

– We will be holding a Garden Open Morning on Monday 5th June from 8:30 – 10:00. This is your chance to pop by, have a coffee out on the deck or sample some of our mint tea and see how far the garden has come during the last couple of years. This event will be weather dependant; light drizzle we can manage, but if it is pouring with rain it will be cancelled.

Thank you for your support with these initiatives!​​

Jo Bryce on behalf of the Green Group

Chinese News

The 3rd International Zhou Youguang Cup Chinese Talent Show (Hong Kong), 2017

We have children ranging from Y3 to Y6 signed up for the The 3rd International Zhou Youguang Cup Chinese Talent Show ( Hong Kong), 2017.  These children are:

Jemima KEYS (3M) Sana BIJLANI (3R) Sascha WILLS (3R) Faye JUN (3R) Siddhartha RAO (3R) Vicky ARCHIBALD (3R) Federico MASSARA (3R)  Haze LEUNG (4E) Chaemin JUN (4E) Victoria FONG (5B) Nathaniel HO (5R) Celine TAM (5R) Nicholas KONG (5B) Dorottya PAPP (5B) Arthur JIANG (5B) Ashley BERTAGNOLI (5B) Allie KWONG (6A)

Children who have enrolled in poem singing/chanting and storytelling have been practising on Tuesdays hoping to give their best presentation on the day!  You are all very enthusiastic, courageous and hardworking!

If your child is interested, there’s still time for registration!

Registration Deadline: Wednesday May the 24th

Competition dates: 17-18 June 2017

Venue: Kennedy School, 19 Sha Wan Drive, Pokfulam, Hong Kong.

Registration Methods and Payment:

Online Registration:

  • Please register at http://www.apclta.org Registration fees can go directly to HSBC (004) 450-4-046709. Please email the receipt with student’s name and competition items to zhouyouguang2017@kennedy.edu.hk as the evidence for successful registration.

Collected by Chinese teachers:

  • Please download registration form for Chinese Native Speakers or Non-Chinese Native Speakers
  • Fill up the form and hand it with crossed cheque to your child’s Chinese teacher (Cash is not acceptable)

The Chinese Team

ESF Summer Camp 2017


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