23 Jan 2017

Peak View – 26 January 2017

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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

We have had an exciting week with our Chinese Week celebrations.  The children have enjoyed a wide range of activities throughout the week organised by Ms Colet and the Chinese team.  The Chinese Week has evolved and is getting stronger and stronger each year.  I was very fortunate to attend the ESF 50th Anniversary Chinese Celebration at RCHK yesterday.  The performances were very impressive and our very own Peak School Chinese Dance Team were a delight to watch.  We were very proud of the 9 Peak School dancers who had to perform to over 600 children and adults.  The biggest audience they have ever performed in front of.

Our School Council remain an important part of ensuring Peak School continues to reflect, grow and build on good practice.  A key driver in this over the past 6 years has been Jon Fewtrell who has served as a community rep.   Jon has served on the School Council for 6 years now and as a result is forced to step down as part of the ESF Ordinance.

Jon has not only attended all School Council meetings but he has also been Chair of the Finance Committee.  I want to take this opportunity, on behalf of the school community, to thank Jon for his tireless efforts.  Despite having no previous connection to the school he has been passionate about ensuring Peak School offers a high calibre education for its children.  His support, enthusiasm and engagement will be greatly missed.

He will be very hard to replace, which is actually proving the case as we are yet to find someone willing to step into the Community Rep role.  If you do know of anyone who is willing to give back to their community and has no connection with Peak School (no children at the school) please do let me know.

Finally, we seem to be getting an increasing amount of children who are being infected by ‘Slapped Cheek Syndrome’.  Whilst it is not an epidemic we have now had reported cases across 5 different classrooms.   Please click HERE to access my blog to learn more about the illness.  Also known as ‘Fifth Disease’ or Erythema Infectiosum, it is easily transmitted and we ask parents to be on the look out for a number of symptoms listed on my blog.

I want to wish you all a safe and prosperous Year of the Rooster.

Happy New Year everybody and Gongxi Facai!

Warm Regards
Bill Garnett

Key Dates

Art Auction

Dear Parents,

Please find the information for the Art Auction on 2 March 2017 as below. We will be sending further details about the evening shortly after the CNY break – please save the date.

Thank you!

Warm regards,
Annette Ainsworth
Vice Principal

PYP News

PYP Parent workshop

Please mark your calendars for the parent workshop on Thursday, 9 February, on Action and Global Citizenship.  Click on the LINK to register for this workshop.

Y6 PYP Exhibition – Parent Info Session

Y6 parents are invited to join the PYP Exhibition Information Session on Thursday, 23 February.  We will have a morning and evening presentation.  If your child is in Y6, kindly complete the FORM to indicate which session you will attend.

Chiqui Colet
Vice Principal and PYP Coordinator

Chinese News

We’ve had another fabulous Chinese Week this year!  We will be sharing photos with you when we get back from our break.  Many thanks to our class parents for organising the Chinese banquet for Years 1, 3, 4, and 5.  Thanks too for the parents who volunteered to support our cultural activities. Thank you, Claudia Wang, Dayna Cheung, Wendy Chan, Jojo Lee, Karen Wong, Mi Tracy Lee, Rachel Zhou-Raper and Wei Si’eu Meens-Woo.

Putonghua Speech Festival

Congratulations to this year’s Putonghua Speech Festival winners!

Y3 and Y4 Solo Awards:

1st Place – Jonathan LAW (3R)
2nd Place – Sascha WILLS (3R)

Y3 and Y4 Team Awards:

1st Place – Emily ROBINSON (3M)  Esther COOK (3M)  Jemima KEYS (3M)
2nd Place – Faye JUN ( 3R)  Sian PAIK (3R)
3rd Place – Ysabel HAUSTORFER (4E)  Coco ROMA (4E)  Iris DONOVAN (4E)
Enthusiastic Participation – Rose LYDEN (4D)  Kaia  BRYCE (4D)  Elena BROWN (4D)

Y5 and Y6 Solo Awards:

1st Place -Anson LI (6A)
2nd Place – Yuhan HUANG (6M)
3rd Place – Laura LIU (6A)
Best Stage Appeal – Boden CHEUNG (6M)

Y5 and Y6 Team Awards:

1st Place – Sebastian CHAN (6M)  Marcus SHIU (6A)  Anson LI (6A)
2nd Place – Anna KEYS (5B)  Lucia GROSER (5R)  Anaya RAO (5B)  Jaya MOHAN (5R)
3rd Place – Hannah WING (6M)  Sabrina LEE (6M)

We are very pleased with the children’s active participation in this event and look forward to hosting the speech festival again next year!

The Chinese Team

Year 2 Unit of Inquiry

Year 2 enjoyed a talk by Mr. Mossman, highlighting how NASA and other Space programs put satellites into space to explore and photograph our solar system. Thank you for supporting our unit of inquiry!

Year 6 Science Fair

On Thursday, January 19th 2017, Year 6 applied their chemistry knowledge when presenting their summative task for ‘How the world works’. They demonstrated and explained a range of Science experiments, which showed chemical, physical, reversible and irreversible changes, such as rusting, dissolving chalk, salt crystals and creating gases. Parents and students from Year 4 enjoyed the presentations. Well done Year 6!

KGV Cross Country Challenge

When a  coach from another school comes up to you and exclaims that the Peak is a small school but with a big heart, that pretty much sums up the effort and determination put in by all the runners at the annual KGV Cross Country Run.

Every runner that participated from Year 3 to Year 6 put on a clinic in pacing, race strategy and grit as they competed in their race. Runners ran various distances as they snaked their way around a field and through a ‘jungle trail’ with the Year 3’s running 1000m, the Year 4’s, 1500m and the Year 5 and 6 athletes running 2200m.

The event attracted most of the schools from ESF with teams participating from Quarry Bay, Shatin Junior, Kowloon Junior, Beacon Hill, Bradbury, Kennedy and Clearwater Bay. Each race averaged between 50 – 70 runners with the Peak consistently placing in the top 10.

Congratulations to the following runners on their excellent race:


ALEVIZOS Anastasia (4th)

ARANHA Sophie (3rd)


CHAN Nicholas (3rd)

CHEN Dylan



HATTAM Florrie (10th)


HUNT Sienna (1st)

JAMES Elliot

JUN Chaemin

JUN Faye

KAUNG Oliver


LAU Adam

LAW Jonathan

LEUNG Alison

LI Beatrice

MASSARA Federico

METSON Alistair (3rd)

MUNT Elliot

NICHOLLS Olivia (9th)

PETERS Matthew (4th)

READ Blake




WHITE Finnley

WILLIAMS Sophie (8th)

WONG Aidan


YEE Ethan

All the runners would like to thank their parents and other supporters who came on Saturday and cheered them on throughout their race.

Library News

We have lots of news to share with our Peak School community, so please click HERE to get the latest from the Library!

Yours in Reading,
The Library Team

After School Activities in Term 2


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