Student Leadership

We are extremely proud of the students at Peak School. Having a maximum of just 360 children from Y1 – Y6 we are able to really get to know each child individually and develop their confidence and ability during their time with us. Our children represent 33 nationalities and speak 19 languages with English being our common language. As an international school, we embrace and celebrate the diversity of the Peak School community and ensure that our curriculum enables us to connect with personal, local and international perspectives.

To foster leadership skills the older children are given leadership positions across the school. This may take the form of acting as ambassadors when taking new families around the school, monitoring younger children during wet playtimes, helping to run the library or taking responsibility for managing resources in the classroom. At the start of the year children in the upper years are given the opportunity to run for a place on the Student Council or to represent their peers as a House Captain.

House Captains

Student Council

Eco Monitors


Each of the four houses – Nicholson, Kellett, Victoria and Cameron – have two House Captains. The House Captains help to organise any inter-house event including our sports days and inter-house sports competitions. This year, our House Captains are:

Anwen Brown (3F) and Oliver Smith (3M)

Hayden Wong (4E) and Theo Perrin (4M)

Aki Tanaka (5R) and Ian Lam (5S)

Pradeep Rajagopal (6B) and Jaya Mohan (6CB)

Madhav Saxena (3F) and Pearl Zhang (3M)

Nara Michie (4E) and Leo Colani (4M)

Alfie Harvey-Palmisano (5R) and Edward Harvey-Palmisano (5S)

Ashley Bertagnoli (6B) and Gustavo Hendriks (6CB)

Hilry Ma (3F) and Lela Adefris (3M)

Emily Robinson (4E) and Elliot James (4M)

Soraya Adefris (5R) and Tim Hamilton (5S)

Alyssa Hayward (6B) and Tommy Hall (6CB)

Amelie Schulz (3F) and Lily Bastin (3M)

Charlie Richley (4E) and Sonya Slade (4M)

Nathan Shiu (5R) and Leonardo Guidi (5S)

Victoria Kind (6B) and Aidan Crewe (6CB)

The Student Council meets regularly to share ideas on how to improve the school or to take action in an area of need. Our Student Councillors can be easily recognised by their red hats in the playground and are always ready to listen to your thoughts and ideas.

This year our Student Councillors are:

Year 3F
Annika Alevizos and Sophie Whybrow

Year 3M
Ruby Bruce and William Hunt

Year 4E
Macy Man and Jemima Keys

Year 4M
 Hayden Leung and Jonathan Law

Year 5R
Irish Donovan and William Nicholls

Year 5S
Harry Hattam and Samuel Meerovitsch

Year 6B
Anna Keys and Nicholas Kong

Year 6CB
Amelia Crewe and Isabella Bond

Our Eco Monitors are representatives from each class that are responsible for ensuring our students have a platform to voice their opinions on the Gardening Club and other ‘Green’ projects within and outside of school. They act as effective role models to help remind their classmates and teachers to be environmentally sustainable through different school-led initiatives such as the recycling programme, compost system and energy-saving strategies. Peak School is highly committed to protecting our ecosystem and building a more sustainable future by engaging students in fun, action-orientated and socially responsible activities.

Year 3F
Sidney Basham and Arthur Chen

Year 3M
Lauren Mossman and Hero Pang

Year 4E
Christopher Kind and Luke Chan

Year 4M
Sid Rao and Charles Kan

Year 5R
Cassie Siu and Evelyn Kwok

Year 5S
Chaemin Jun and Sophie Aranha

Year 6B
Chloe Butteux and Isabella Liu

Year 6CB
Holly Richley

Our Student Librarians are representatives from each class who have responsibility during library lessons and during lunchtime library sessions for keeping the library tidy, helping the sessions run smoothly and using their library expertise to offer help to fellow students.

Year 3F
Maddie Drakeford and Esra Akin

Year 3M
Kaly Hui and Natalie Payne

Year 4E
Lucy Blades and Rhiannon Leung

Year 4M
Faye Jun and Federico Massara

Year 5R
Sabrina Pepall, William Blythe and Jack Barton

Year 5S
Anastasia Alevizos and Isaac Darling

Year 6B
Dorika Papp and Amir Jubran

Year 6CB