We are currently accepting applications for the 2022/23 academic year. Please contact our Admissions Team at +852 2849 7211 or for more information.
Welcome to Admissions

We are delighted that you are considering applying to Peak School.

All lessons, with the exception of Chinese, are conducted in English. For this reason children have to demonstrate, at an informal interview, that they can both speak and understand English. From Year 2, children need to be able to read and write English as well, at a level commensurate with their peers. Eligibility for admission to our school also depends on the immigration status of the child, as determined by the Immigration Department.

ESF is an all-through system. After graduation, all primary students are guaranteed a place according to the associated secondary school for Year 7.

Learn more about our school by visiting us in person!

All application procedures are handled centrally at ESF. Find out how to make an application to join us in the Admissions Process section.

Admissions Process

We are currently accepting applications. Applications for entry to our school are made through the ESF Online Admission System (OAS).

In this section, you will find everything you need to start your journey with us.

Step 1: Determine Enrolment Age and Year Group

In ESF schools, all children in a year group are born in the same calendar year. The academic year runs from August to June. Please refer to the “How to Determine Your Year Group” section in this link for more details.

Step 2: Check School Zoning

To be considered for admission into Peak School, you have to be residing in our catchment area:

You may refer here for more details.

Step 3: Admission Criteria and Priority

Please refer to the “Admission Criteria and Priority” section in this link for details.

Step 4: Submit an Online Application

Parents should submit online applications through the ESF Online Admission System (OAS).

Key dates can be found here.

Children who require significant and daily support for learning

Applications for Learning Support (LS) / Jockey Club Sarah Roe School follow a different application process. These applications are managed through ESF Centre, with an Admissions and Review Process (ARP) to assess students and make placement recommendations in line with the ESF Levels of Adjustment Framework.

Please visit ESF – Admissions of Children to Learning Support and Jockey Club Sarah Roe for more information.

Step 5: Assessment/Interview

Students will be required to complete age-appropriate assessments to determine their ability to engage with an English-medium education.

Useful links:

ESF Admissions Overview
Fees & Charges
General Admissions FAQ
Online Admissions FAQ

Visiting and Open Events

Schedule a School Visit

We encourage all parents interested in learning more about Peak School and our offerings to join a small group campus tour, which will be led by members of the school Admissions team.

Parents are strongly advised to book a place on a tour by contacting us at

Parent Information Webinars 

Attending the ESF’s parent seminars is another excellent way to understand more about Peak School and the ESF, our philosophy, curriculum, and how we help students to be the best that they can be.

ESF staff will be available during the information seminars to answer all your questions in person.

Click here to view and sign up for forthcoming seminars.

Contact Admissions

If you’re unable to find the answer to your question about our admissions, please do not hesitate to contact us in one of the following ways:

1. Contact the ESF Admissions Team for your Admissions Case
If you have questions about admissions procedure, school place availability or an ongoing application, contact the ESF admissions team at +852 3762 2411.

2. Contact our School Admissions Team with General Study Enquiries
For general questions relating to studying at our school that do not relate to specific applications, please click here to submit an enquiry form.