1 Feb 2019

Peak View – 1 February 2019

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Principal’s Message
Car Parking/Behaviour of Motorists around Peak School
Message from the Medical Room
Key Dates in Term 2
Golden Book
The Best Ever New Year’s Resolution Is Coming Your Way: Gardening Big!
ESF Cross Country Meet
The 9th Peak School Putonghua Speech Festival
WIS – KELY Group initiative on Mental Health & Wellness
ESF Primary Choral Concert 2019
Festival of Music – Secondary Showcase
After School Activities in Term 2

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Caregivers

As you know we offer a huge range of after school activities specifically for our children.  For this term alone we offer running club on Tuesday afternoon, Choir on Wednesday afternoon, Tag Rugby on Thursday afternoon and Hockey on Friday afternoon.  On top of this we have also had a number of trips and activities out of school on a weekly basis.

The reason I am raising this is because we are experiencing a growing number of children who are being picked up late.  For staff, including myself who have coaching or other responsibilities to follow, to have adults arriving 45-60 minutes late to pick up their child is becoming an issue.  This is not a case of one or two children every now and again, this is happening all of the time for a number of different children each week.

Can I please ask that if your child is involved in an after school activity or on a school trip that you take particular note of the finish time and ensure an adult is there, on time, to pick up your child.  We will always endeavour to finish on time and all we ask, in return, is that you make every effort to ensure your child is picked up on time.

Finally, this is obviously an important time of year for all of us but especially for those families that have always celebrated Chinese New Year with loved ones.  I wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope the Year of the Pig is a wonderful year for all.

Gung Hei Fat Choy / Xīn Nián Kuài Lè

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,
Bill Garnett

Car Parking/Behaviour of Motorists around Peak School

We have been contacted by our neighbours who have shared their concerns with us around drop off and pick up time.

In particular they have shared the following concerns:

  • Cars driving up the wrong side of the road
  • Cars being parked in the driveway blocking access/exits for residents
  • Making illegal U-turns in driveways blocking residents
  • Cars exiting the school turning bay and turning right (blocking traffic) rather than turning left to go down the hill
  • Cars parked in illegal areas on the roadside around the school
  • Whilst we appreciate parking is very difficult in and around the school particularly at pick up and drop off, we still have an obligation to follow the law.

This is a timely reminder that we need to ensure that we are respecting our neighbours and following common courtesy in regards to how we park and drive around the school.  More importantly, some of the behaviours risk our children getting hurt and this is simply not acceptable.

It has got to the point where the surrounding buildings have threatened to call the Police should the situation not improve.

Can we ask that families talk to their drivers and/or if you are a driver yourself, you ensure you are not guilty of any of the infringements above.

Message from the Medical Room

Dear Parents,

Please be informed that there has been a small number of Head Lice cases within the school recently, not contained to any one class or year.

We politely request parents check to their children’s hair carefully to ensure there is no infestation. If you do find either lice or their eggs please do not send your child into school until the condition has been treated. This will help us immensely in ensuring the Head lice are not allowed to spread to other students.

Please see the medical page on the Peak school website for treatment advice. https://ps.edu.hk/medical/

Prevention of Head lice:

  • Hair should be tied up at all times in school
  • No sharing of hates, combs, clips, bobbins, helmets etc . Please be sure that your child is aware of the importance of not sharing these items
  • Minimize head to head contact where possible.
  • Treat straight away if your child has become infested with Head lice

Kind regards,
Peak school Medical Room

Key Dates in Term 2

Please click HERE for the updated version of Key Dates in Term 2

Golden Book

The Best Ever New Year’s Resolution Is Coming Your Way: Gardening Big!

On Sunday, 17th February, Peak School is launching a community garden where we will be able to grow fresh produce / plants / flowers, connect to our surrounding environment and get an opportunity to do satisfying work.  Our community garden will be a new place for all of us to have a good chat, share a few laughs and exchange ideas.

In this first year, the plan is to create an experimental garden. We can use this time to finalise and make decisions about the design concept and the organisation of our to-be mature garden.

You don’t need to know how to garden to participate in this community adventure. The deal is simple: You bring whatever pots you may have to start it (please keep in mind that we are operating a plastic-free garden) and your positive attitude every Sunday. We will provide seeds, soil, water, tools, and gardening tips. The community garden will be open every Sunday morning between 8:15 to 11:30 am in addition to our current Monday morning and Friday afternoon gardening club hours. Everyone is welcome to commit for as much time as they can spare.

Contact Michel if you need further info: Michel.Maruca@ps.edu.hk

Let us begin this New Year on a good and decisive note by building the best environment we can around us!

ESF Cross Country Meet

The Peak School Running Club took one of its largest teams yet to the annual ESF Cross Country Meet, where they raced teams from other ESF Schools across Hong Kong. The cross country season is still very early with the team only beginning to train in early January. This however did not impact on their enthusiasm or determination to run their very best race. During each race the runners showed early improvement in both their pacing and stamina along with some distance running strategies. Congratulations to all the participants for an outstanding effort.

All the runners would like to thank the many parents and supports who came to the race to cheer them on and encourage them throughout their race.

The 9th Peak School Putonghua Speech Festival

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 9th Peak School Putonghua Speech Festival this year!  You have all presented excellent communication skills and fantastic presentation skills!  Well done children, keep up the good work!

WIS – KELY Group initiative on Mental Health & Wellness

Date: Wed, February 13, 2019

Time: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Venue: 3/F Auditorium, West Island School, 250 Victoria Road , Sandy Bay, Hong Kong

Please click HERE for register & the details

ESF Primary Choral Concert 2019

Date: 4th April 2019

Venue: Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Wanchai

Please refer to poster for event and ticket details

Festival of Music – Secondary Showcase

Date: 12th-14th February 2019

Venue: RCHK, STC and SIS respectively

After School Activities


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