2 Mar 2018

Peak View – 2 March 2018

Peak School’s latest newsletter is available to read now. Find out the latest news around the school and upcoming events.

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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Caregivers

We have had a wonderful first week back and the highlight was the World Book Day on Thursday where the school dressed up as their favourite characters.  My thanks for supporting your child/ren by ensuring they were very well dressed for the occasion.

Another big week coming up next week with our two sports days.  We have our Lower Years Sports Day on the upper playground on Wednesday and then we have our Year 3-6 children involved in the Upper School Sports Day on Friday at Stanley Ho.  Jamie has been very busy ensuring the children are ready for the big day and that all the events on the two days run smoothly.  We look forward to seeing you there and if you do decide to get involved in the relay race at the Lower School Sports Day please remember to warm up first!

You will have received an email this week from the school, with a link, inviting you to fill in the CIS stakeholders survey.  Can I please stress how important this is to us and that we really need you to take the 10-15 minutes required to feedback on what you think our strengths are and what areas you feel we need to work on.  We pride ourselves on having such an involved parent body so please reaffirm this by taking the time to be part of our self review process.

Bookings on Gateway for the Parent Consultations are now open so please book your preferred time slot (if you have not already done so).  A reminder that the deadline, to book on Gateway, is next Friday March 9.  Please make sure you have booked a slot by then otherwise you may not be able to sit down with the appropriate teacher or teachers until later in the term or early next term.

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards
Bill Garnett

PYP News

HK Flower Show

The Peak School Garden Club is joining the HK Flower Show once again!  We are currently designing our ‘Garden of Joy’ and we would like to collect plastic bottles and containers (including nespresso capsules!) and turn them into flowers and garden animals.  Kindly send clean plastic bottles to school any time next week.

“Teaching Global Citizenship in School & Home” Workshop

Thank you to all parents who participated in our ‘Teaching Global Citizenship in School and at Home’ workshop.  The powerpoint presentation will be featured in Mr. Garnett’s blog so please watch out for that.  Take note of our new Pinterest page by clicking HERE –  at the moment we have one board featuring resources for learning about Global Citizenship.  We will be adding more boards in the future so make sure to follow us!


Healthy Living

Planet Peak has a new page to explore which can be accessed through the tab called ‘Healthy Living.’  Each month new recipes, healthy foods and outdoor activities are added for the whole family to enjoy.  This month check out the healthy snack recipes along with our top 3 choices of cycling adventures around Hong Kong.

If you are involved in any outdoor activities or are trying some of our recipes, send us a photo so we can add you to our ‘Action’ page.

Take care of your body and enjoy the great outdoors.

Chinese news

School Assembly

Congratulations to all the winners of the Peak School Putonghua Speech Festival!  All the performers did a fantastic job performing in the school assembly on Friday March 2!  You have all made us proud!

The 4th International Zhou Youguang Cup Chinese Talent Show (Hong Kong), 2018

We are proud to announce that 38 children signed up for the Chinese Talent Show this year! Children signed up for a variety of competition items ranging from Poem Chanting/Singing, Singing the Pinyin Song, Hard Pen Calligraphy, Counting Strokes, Reading Out Pinyin, Storytelling, to Key in Chinese Characters,  Modern Poem and Ancient Poem Chanting.

The participants have been spending their spare time to practise and get ready for their competition items.  Keep up the good work!

Lion Dance Club

On Thursday, 1 March they performed to open our book week parade! It was such a great way to start our second half of the term with the three energetic lions! Congratulations to the children below who participated in the club since November! Great effort!

Beatrice Li 5S, Ak Tanaka 5R, Alfie Harvey Palmisano 5R, Jasmine Liew 5R, Alexis Liew 5S, Dylan Chen 5R, Samantha Lynton-Brown 6CB, Harry Hattam 5S, Lucas Wong 5S, Sophie Aranha 5s, Samuel Meerovitsch 5S, Anum Javed 6CB, Catriona Guy Ramsay (5S), Nara Michie 4E


After School Activities

Vision Screening

Dear Parents,

Optometrist Suzan Salnikow will visit Peak School from Tuesday 17th April to conduct Visual Screening Tests which are available to all Peak students. Various aspects of vision will be tested. Results, receipts and further advice (if needed) will be issued.

If you would like your child to take part in the vision screening (which will take place at Peak school) the registration form must be returned to the school office by Wednesday 28th March along with the fee of HK$220 made payable by cheque to “Suzan Salnikow.

Warm regards,
Annette Ainsworth



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