2 Nov 2017

Peak View – 3 November 2017

Peak School’s latest newsletter is available to read now. Find out the latest news around the school and upcoming events.

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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Caregiver

As you know we had some visitors from CIS (Council of International Schools) at our school last week.  Some of our children referred to them as “detectives” and it was their job to evaluate our school across all domains which includes, in total over 80 standards, that we must meet.

We went through what is referred to as the Preparatory Visit, which involves Martin (CIS Asia Schools Support) and Richard (recently retired Principal from Melbourne) ensuring that our school is ready for the full team visit in about 18 months.

The two gentlemen were very impressed with the school based on the fact that they had the opportunity to meet with students, parents including some members of the PTA, teachers, ESF reps and the School Council.

They were very complimentary of the school and shared how they felt that we were truly a community school.  They were impressed with the attitude and ability of our children, they were impressed with the involvement of our parents including the PTA, they were impressed with the quality of our teachers across the board in terms of high quality teaching and learning and they were impressed with the quality of support we got from both ESF and our School Council.

We will receive a report in the next 4-5 weeks and we then use that to help shape our own self study which will involve a major survey of all our key stakeholders including our children, parents and staff.  The feedback we get from this survey will help us create our new strategic plan which is due to updated at the end of this year.  The report itself will have recommendations and commendations but as we did such a comprehensive self review before they arrived the recommendations that will be in the report are already being addressed in our current annual plan.

I was incredibly proud of our children and staff last week in the way in which they engaged with the visitors from CIS.  It highlighted how special Peak School is and this was not missed by the two gentlemen.

I’ll look to share some of the key findings from the report with you all in the coming weeks.

I must go as the Year 6 campers are about to wake up and as it is day 5 of their camp, they will probably need waking up rather than being asked to be quiet!  The Year 6 children have once again impressed the Outward Bound instructors and as one instructor said to me on Wednesday, “usually I am spending all my energy trying to get the children to listen, with your children I can use my energy having fun”.  I think that summed up nicely the attitude of our children.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Thank you for your continued support.

Warm Regards
Bill Garnett

Key Dates

Golden Book

Message from the PTA Chairs

PTA Annual General Meeting

OUR AGM is scheduled for Thursday, 30 November at 8.15 am in the Library at Peak School. We welcome you to come and join the meeting, and the details – including supporting documents – will be sent later. We schedule the AGM to start just before drop-off to ensure parents can easily attend, and hope to see you there.

PTA Fees

Most parents have paid their fees, however if you have yet to pay your membership fees for 2017/2018, please do so.  You can arrange this or clarify any questions with Jackie.

Message for Bus Users

We have noticed that some bus users are regularly late for drop off and pick up.  This causes disruption in everyone’s schedule and compromises the safety and security of all other children on the bus, and, is therefore, unacceptable.  However, we are trying to be as flexible as possible.  Note that bus mums have no obligation to wait or call in case someone is late. Please be reminded that according to our rules, buses do not wait, and children who are not picked up on time should be driven back to Peak School. Thank you for your understanding.

Message from the PTA Administrator

School Bus Fees

All posted cheques for Term 2 will be deposited in December 2017, please ensure that you have sufficient funds to enable clearance of your cheques.  All dishonoured / return / bounced cheques are subject to $100 surcharge.


Uniform News

New Girl’s PE skorts available now!

♦  Inner short in matching fabric
♦  Elastic waistband for a comfortable , secure fit

Available sizes: (Size 6) 22/24 ♣ (size 8) 24/26 ♣ (size 10) 26/28



Let’s pencil mark the dates on your calendar for the MOVIE NIGHT, 16 November 2017 (3:15-5:00pm).  Tickets will be on sale next week!

Our Gardening Club Parents Volunteers


A big THANK YOU to all our parent volunteers who help out on Monday mornings in our Peak School garden. Your time and effort is really appreciated and your help allows us to further enrich the opportunities for the children in the Gardening Club. This week, some parents brought home organic lemons from our garden and put them to good use!

If you are able to spare some time between 8:30 – 10:30 on Monday mornings, please email Miss Cann at cannc1@ps.edu.hk. No gardening experience necessary!

Box of Hope


Once again the Student Council would like to support this charity by asking Peak School students to make a Box of Hope to donate this Christmas.  Posters are displayed around the school and flyers have been handed out.  Boxes may be brought in any time between now and November 6th and they can be left in the shared area outside Ms Colet and Mrs. Ainsworth’s offices.

Please see the link by clicking HERE for further information.

Tiphany Bloomfield
Year 6 Class Teacher
Student Leadership Co-ordinator

Library News

Find out what’s happening in your school Library in our second newsletter of the school year by clicking HERE!

PYP News

Global Citizens

At Peak School we aim to become effective communicators, confident critical thinkers and enthusiastic lifelong learners. In partnership with our community, we strive to have integrity and be socially responsible global citizens.

As socially responsible global citizens, we take action by thinking of our own well being and those of others.  Our Y4 students have been inquiring into the different ways we care for our personal well-being.  They have learned the five ways to well-being and on October 12th had a yoga session with Victoria Fouladi (mum of Soraya and Lela).  Thank you, Victoria!

Peak School students also take action outside school.  On Sunday, Harry Hattam (5S) got on his  paddle board out and cleaned up a beach around the back of Stanley with some of his buddies.  Well done, Harry!

Chiqui Colet
Vice Principal & PYP Coordinator

Chinese News

Chinese Home Learning

The Chinese home learning issued on Oct 27, 2017 can be found in your child’s year group Chinese home learning folder on Planet Peak.   Happy learning at home!

The 8th Peak School Putonghua Speech Festival (Y3-Y6)

We are thrilled to announce that the exciting 8th Peak School Putonghua Speech Festival 2017-2018 is coming up after the Christmas break!  It is a great opportunity for children to showcase their communication and presentation skills. The winners will be given an opportunity to perform during our Chinese New Year school assembly. Interested children may sign up with the Chinese teachers before the registration deadline.

We have always had a significant number of participants in the past years and we are looking forward to having an increased number this year with children’s growing enthusiasm in their learning.

  • Registration Deadline: Friday Nov. 17 2017
  • Preliminary: Monday Jan. 15 2018
  • Semi-Final: Tuesday Jan. 23 2018
  • Final: Tuesday Jan. 30 2018

The Chinese Team

ESF 50th Anniversary Commemorative Book Jubilee Gift Set

To mark ESF’s half-century, we are publishing a commemorative book: ESF The First 50 Years. This volume will chronicle the ESF story, highlighting key events over the last 50 years. It will also celebrate the successes and contributions of our students and staff, both past and current.

The book will be published in November 2017.  Place your online order NOW at http://www.esf.edu.hk/50th-book/

Enquiries: 50book@esfcentre.edu.hk, Melody Chan

ESF 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner

The ESF 50th Anniversary celebration will close with a Gala Dinner on the evening of 6 December at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) in Wan Chai. We are hoping that this final event of our 50th Anniversary calendar will be a joyous occasion to end the year’s event .

Details of the Gala Dinner
Date: Wednesday, 6 December 2017
Time: 7:00pm (Reception begins at 6pm)
Venue: Grand Ballroom, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)
Early Bird Price: $1,700 (early bird offer valid until 1st November 2017)

Sales of tickets are already available through ESF website at http://www.esf.edu.hk/gala

Please do join the ESF community at the Gala Dinner!


After School Activities


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