8 Sep 2017

Peak View – 8 September 2017

Peak School’s latest newsletter is available to read now. Find out the latest news around the school and upcoming events.

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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Caregivers

I do hope you all managed to “tell us” about your child or children in the past few days.  It is something we have done now for several years and we just find it a very useful and informative way of finding out about all the children we care for.  I hope you found the process a rewarding one as well.

On offer this term is a number of workshops run by our very talented teaching team.  Earlier this week Chiqui ran an Intro to PYP workshop which was well attended and the feedback was very positive.  This coming week Annette and Anna will run a workshop on “Learning to Read and Write” so we invite all interested parents (am) and helpers (pm) to this next Thursday. Please  CLICK HERE to sign up.

I have already started to notice that a number of children are not wearing the correct uniform and in particular shoes.  Can I please remind all parents that our policy on black shoes is that the shoe must be all black.  This means there is to be no combination of colours, just black.  I will be speaking to all children who come to school wearing non uniform shoes (black with white soles, black with white writing etc) next week and asking them to talk to their parents about getting the correct black shoes.

The Typhoon/Cyclone going through the Caribbean at the moment sounds/looks absolutely terrible as do the horrific floods in and around Texas.  I do hope no one has had family or friends who have been affected.  Our thoughts are obviously with all the families and children who have been hit by these “once in a lifetime weather patterns”.

Finally, the PTA Mid-Autumn Festival/Lantern Festival is next Friday (15 September) and it is a very special event on our calendar.  I do hope you can make it and I look forward to seeing you all there.  My thanks in advance to our amazing PTA for organising the event and to all the parents/staff who help support it by volunteering their time to help.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Kind regards,
Bill Garnett

Key Dates

Message from the PTA Chairs

Dear Parents,

Congratulations to the new class parents!  We really appreciate this important role you are taking on.

As you know, the Lantern Festival is one week away kicking off at 5:30pm on the 15th of September.

Finally, many thanks to all of you who have submitted the 2017-2018 PTA form and contributed to membership dues.

We wish you and your families a great weekend!

Kind regards,
Ildiko Fecser and Victoria Fouladi
Peak School PTA Co-chairs

Performing Arts News

A busy musical and dramatic year is already well underway here at The Peak School with singing, acting, playing instruments and plenty of moving and grooving.


Clubs ♦ Parent VolunteersIn the Classroom


TERM 1 CLUBS:  No need to sign up, just turn up.

Parent Volunteers Needed PLEASE
If you can spare 45 minutes or even longer on Tuesdays between 11:00 and 12:30, I really need some willing parents to help take small groups for Yr.3 recorders. No experience necessary, you don’t even have to be able to read music. Full training (and possibly ear plugs) will be provided.

In the Classroom Across the School

A quick snapshot of what each year group has been up to so far.

Yr 1s are

Singing, dancing, playing percussion, keeping the beat and exploring changes in sounds. They are learning how to control and change sounds using a variety of wonderful new music room instruments.

Yr 2s are

Learning to read rhythmic notation (ask them about Plums and Cherries) singing, playing percussion and creating rhythmic sequences. They are learning to match what is written with what is heard and are beginning to create rhythmic ensemble pieces.

Yr 3s are

Learning to read pitched notation and are starting instrumental skills with THE RECORDER! They will learn the essential elements of learning any musical instrument including how to practice effectively, theory and notation, phrasing, technique, style, playing to an accompaniment and being prepared for a lesson.

Yr4s are

Inquiring into THE VOICE in their How We Express ourselves unit. So far they have engaged in a variety of workshops and activities including drama, public speaking, vocal techniques, communication and presentation skills, singing, the mechanics of the voice, dynamics, conducting and the science of sound.

Yr5s are

Exploring and identifying Musical Elements, Creating and composing Spooky Sounds, listening to ‘Danse Macabre’ by Saint Saens and identifying musical features using musical vocabulary and terminology and creating their own spooky music composition in groups.

Yr 6s are

Exploring the Blues including, history of The Blues, famous Blues’ artists, expressing Blues through art work, looking into musical style, form and structure of The Blues and jazz. They are ‘jamming’ as a class playing ukuleles, piano keyboards/ xylophones and drums and are learning how to play the 12 bar Blues, including the walking bass line, the blues scale and the blues chords.  They will shortly be writing and performing their own original Blues songs.

Instrumental and Drama Lessons

A number of external providers currently offer private lessons in drama, guitar and piano at the Peak School.  Whilst these activities take place in the school premises, they are a private arrangement between the provider and the parent and not arranged either through Peak School office or staff.

Should you require further details, please contact the office for a list of providers with contact details.

However, please do not hesitate to contact me (engelj1@peakschool.net) if you would like to discuss your child’s needs in relation to the above.

Please also be reminded that students waiting for external lessons after school must be accompanied by an adult and wait quietly either in the playground or outside the office area until the start of the lesson.

Performing Arts Coordinator
Jane Engelmann

PYP News

PYP Parent Workshop

Thank you to all parents who joined our “Introduction to the PYP” workshop! The presentation will be shared through Mr. Garnett’s blog by clicking HERE.

Science in the PYP

At Peak School, Science is embedded within the units of inquiry.  To learn more about the Science curriculum, including strands, learning expectations, and skills, please click on this LINK.

Vice Principal & PYP Coordinator
Chiqui Colet

Chinese News

Chinese Lion Dance

The Chinese Lion Dance Club has now got a club logo! Well done to Ashley Bertagnoli for designing such an outstanding logo!

At the same time, we have had our first practise last Tuesday. Children have shown such good dancing and drumming skills. Well done!

We do hope that a lot of children will join the upcoming Lion Dance classes that will be offered by a master Lion Dance coach as an ECA.  Children who join this class will be representing Peak School at different performances in and outside school.

Chinese Workshop

We will be offering a workshop for parents on Wednesday, 27 September from 8:45 – 10:00 am at the hall.  The workshop will be in two sessions. The first session is about how to  support your child/children at home by learning how to use different online learning tools. The second session will be a presentation from Mandarin Matrix, the online program that our Y4-Y6 children use.

The workshop will be opened for registration in the next issue of Peak View.

Chinese Home Learning

Throughout the year, we upload our Chinese letters biweekly on Planet Peak.  We aim to help the parents to find out more about what’s happening in class and how you could support your child/children’s learning at home.  The recent Chinese home learning issued on Sept. 8, 2017 can be found in your child’s year group Chinese home learning folder on Planet Peak.   Happy learning at home!

The Chinese Team

Lost and Found

Over the weeks, we have gathered many lunch boxes and spray water bottles in our Lost and Found box.

Please make sure all the children’s belongings are clearly labelled, especially as we approach cooler days, we often do find many windbreakers, sweat shirts and fleeces ending up in the Lost and Found section in the office.

Clarissa Lee
Office Manager


ESF 50th Anniversary Marathon

ESF 50th Anniversary Marathon_OL

South Island School Open Day
Tuesday 12th September (10:35 am – 2:45 pm)

We would like to extend a warm invitation for you to visit South Island on our Whole School Open Day.  This is a chance to see the school in action – and to gain an authentic feel for our school and our learning environments.  In the past, parents have found this a valuable opportunity to visit the school, gain an understanding of our location and facilities and to meet some of our staff.

The structure of the day:

10:35 – 10:50  Presentation from our Principal (Hall, 2/F)
10:50 – 12:35  Classroom Visits
12:35 – 13:15  Light refreshments with the PTA & our Head Prefects – Question time (Hall, 2/F)
12:35 – 13:15  Student lunch – all students will be out of lessons at this time
13:15 –  14:45 More Classroom Visits
14:45              Whole School Open Day ends

On arrival, please come to the School Hall on the second floor of the Ching Ling Soong building (“C block”) to register, we will provide refreshments, maps and students who will be happy to conduct you on a tour of the school.  If you are unable to attend the Presentation, you are welcome to visit the school throughout the session.  Please feel free to visit classrooms, get a taste of the lessons that are in progress, and get a flavour of the way our curriculum is developed.  It is not expected that you stay for the duration of a lesson, rather that you pop in for a ‘taste’ of what the lesson is like.  It is also an opportunity to visit other classrooms and subjects so you are able to experience all age groups. As you walk around the building you will be able to view some of our recent renovations and excellent facilities. We would ask that you refrain from any videoing of lessons as this does contravene student privacy.

Due to limited parking on the school site, we advise you to travel by public transport or taxi.

We look forward to meeting you on Tuesday 12th September. In the meantime, should you have any questions concerning this event do not hesitate to contact me by email at candrews@sis.edu.hk

Carolyn Andrews
Vice Principal / MYP Coordinator
South Island School

West Island School Open Day

You are warmly invited to an open day on Wednesday 20 September. Our staff and students look forward to hosting you and will provide a tour around our classrooms to see learning in action and a typical day at West Island School.

Please arrive during the morning at a time which suits you between 8.30 and 10.45am. We will sign you in on the 6th floor main entrance with our security team and ask that you wear a visitor’s ID badge. You are also welcome to join our whole school assembly from 11.05 to 11.40am which will give you a sense of our whole school community working together. Please sign out on departure and note that unfortunately there is no car-parking available for visitors.

If your child is at primary school during this time and wishes to join the tour with you, please do seek permission from the Principal concerned.

Please click HERE to register and confirm your attendance.

I look forward to meeting and sharing our school with you.

Yours faithfully,
Christopher Sammons

KGV Year 6 Parent Information Evening

Prospective parents are invited to attend the KGV Year 6 Parent Information Evening, 5.30-6.30pm in the school hall at KGV on Tuesday 19th September. Please note there is no visitor parking on the school site. No RSVP is necessary. For any enquiries, please contact sarah.jones@kgv.edu.hk

After School Activities

After School Activities Timetable

After School Activities Organized by ESF


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