16 Jun 2017

Peak View – 16 June 2017

Peak School’s latest newsletter is available to read now. Find out the latest news around the school and upcoming events.

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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents

We are coming to the end of another busy, but successful year, at Peak School.  I am very proud of what the children and staff have achieved this year and I am also very grateful for the terrific support we get from the parent community.  I would also like to acknowledge the work of our amazing PTA who really set the standard for PTAs across the Foundation and indeed schools in Hong Kong.  Your children are so inspirational and they continue to impress us with their desire to grow and be challenged.  You should all be very proud also.

Next week, we have our Year 6 leavers party which is a celebration of our Year 6 children.  I always have mixed emotions at this event as I know it is meant to be a celebration but I also appreciate that it means that some families, some of whom have been with us for many years, are leaving us.  The end of year also means we learn that many families are heading back to their home countries or are relocating for work reasons.  I want to take this opportunity to thank all the families who are leaving us this year for their support and trust in us.  We wish everyone the best of luck.

Finally, I have had a number of community members ask me about the Island School redevelopment recently so I reached out to Chris Binge and Stephen Loggie (new principal) for an update.  They informed me that there is a very important meeting with Government Officials in early July and it is hoped that, as a result of this meeting, the school will be in a position to announce a timeline in terms of when the decant will take place.

Obviously, the timing of this meeting is not ideal as a lot of families and staff will be on their summer break but I have organised for Stephen Loggie to visit Peak School on September 1 at 8.30am to hold a meeting for any parents interested in hearing the latest news about the Island School redevelopment.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Warm Regards
Bill Garnett

Key Dates

Golden Book

Aquathon Team

The Aquathon Team has been training twice a week since April at the Kowloon Cricket Club swimming and running in preparation for two races, the ESF Schools Aquathon and the ESF/International Aquathon Challenge.

ESF Aquathon Race, Swim and Run

In both races the Peak entered two teams each consisting of 3 boys and 3 girls.  Both competition were extremely tough with about 20 teams racing in the first competition and 25 entered in the second.  In each of their races each member of the squad pushed themselves in both the pool and along the running route chasing down other competitor and pushing for a personal best time.

ESF Aquadab Swim, Run and Dab

Congratulations to the following members for an outstanding season and series of races: Anna Keys, Ambre Grosse, Giorgia De Rosa, Dorottya Papp, Lucas Munt, Matthew Peters, Blake Read, Alastair Metson, Ian Lam, Will Brasington, Yuhan Huang, Olivia Nicholls, Holly Richley and Sophie Williams.

The team would like to thank all the parents who came to the races to support the team.

The ESF International Aquathon Challenge

Green Week

Green Week was a big success! The Green Group helped organise a wide range of lunchtime activities from recycled paper making to snail racing to the Bake Sale. The activities were enjoyed by children across the school and the Green Group should be proud of the action they took. Their action combined with your generosity enabled us to raise $10,100  for WWF!

Our Garden Open Day was attended by about 30 parents, the rain held off and it was a lovely opportunity to share the garden and share our experiences in growing and in developing it as a learning space over the last few years. We’re looking forward to welcoming some new volunteers in the garden next year – please do get in touch if this appeals!

Thank you for all your help and support in making this week such a success.

PYP News

Taking Action

Ethan Ko (Y6) published his own book in order to raise funds for Bring Me A Book Foundation.  Ethan was able to collect HK$11,900 and all proceeds will go to Bring Me a Book’s library and training programs for underprivileged families in Hong Kong.  Ethan’s book I was Bored Until… is now available at the Peak School library.  Well done, Ethan!

Elena Brown (Y4) created a prototype of a plastic bottle collecting machine.  Here she is with her invention.  We’ve talked about how we can use the same concept in collecting our paper in school.  We will be discussing her ideas with our Green Group leaders soon!

Feedback from the PYP Exhibition

Congratulations to our Y6s for a successful PYP Exhibition!  The Y6s presented to our very own Y5s as well as Y5s from Bradbury School, guests from ESF Centre, teachers, Vice Principals and Principals from secondary schools, and family and friends.  Here are a few photos from the event and some feedback from our parents.

“What a wonderful journey the children have been on.  Fantastic!”

“The performance was spectacular!”

‘I was impressed by the indepth research that the kids had put in to give shape to their exhibition topic.  The end result was commendable!”

“We found the students’ enthusiasm in the process very touching.  The project is completed but the school team spirit lives on.”

“I enjoyed the whole process, from kick-off to each step during the whole project, but the most touching part certainly was their presentation.”

Seeing how this small group of friends worked together was impressive.  They showed us their passion and capability to work together.

“The performance was mind-blowing, wonderful, memorable.”

Y4 at Crossroads

Our Y4 student’s visited Crossroads last week as part of their unit of inquiry. At Crossroads, children participated in the ‘Water Challenge experience’.  The Y4s listened to the inspiring story of how Crossroads started and how they continue to take action to support people in Hong Kong and around the world.  They learned about issues people face due to the shortage of water or the lack of water sources.  We hope that this trip inspires our students to think of ways to take action and find ways to support those around them.

Chiqui Colet
Vice Principal & PYP Coordinator

Chinese News

The 3rd International Zhou Youguang Cup Chinese Talent Show (Hong Kong), 2017

A thrilling news that there will be 26 children representing Peak School on Saturday June 17 in the The 3rd International Zhou Youguang Cup Chinese Talent Show ( Hong Kong), 2017!

YEAR 1: Elize HO (1C) Mianne CHENG (1F)

YEAR 2: Rosetta HO (2M)

YEAR 3: Jemima KEYS (3M) Jonathan LAW (3R) Sana BIJLANI (3R) Sascha WILLS (3R) Faye JUN (3R) Siddhartha RAO (3R) Vicky ARCHIBALD (3R) Federico MASSARA (3R)

YEAR 4: Haze LEUNG (4E) Chaemin JUN (4E) Tom DARCY (4E)  Ysabel HAUSTORFER (4E)

YEAR 5: Victoria FONG (5B) Nicholas KONG (5B) Dorottya PAPP (5B) Arthur JIANG (5B)

Ashley BERTAGNOLI (5B)  Victoria KIND (5B) Albert HAUSTORFER (5B)

Nathaniel HO (5R) Celine TAM (5R) Ethan CHING (5R)

YEAR 6: Allie KWONG (6A)

We wish you all good luck and more importantly enjoy the great opportunity to connect yourself to the wider community in your learning experience!  Well done by stepping out and taking the challenge in our learning journey!

Library News

Dear Parents,

I’m afraid it is that time of year when the school library starts to nag you endlessly for the return of all library books!

If your child has overdue books, you will have received emailed notification of this today, but you may well have books at home that are not overdue (we still need them back), or that were not scanned out correctly and we have no way of knowing where they are.

Please can we ask you to take a brief moment to scan your bookshelves at home?  You are looking for books with the yellow Peak School Library barcode on the front right hand corner of the cover page and white labels with letters or numbers on the spine.

Every book that is found and returned is one book fewer that we have to pay to replace, so we can use that money to buy new and exciting books to inspire your children to read.  We are so, so grateful for your help with this.

With kind regards,
Rosheen, Liz and Claudia
Your Library Team




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