16 Mar 2018

Peak View – 16 March 2018

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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Caregivers

We were extremely lucky with the weather last week for our Sports Days.  Wednesday, whilst a little cool, was overcast and dry meaning the Year 1 and 2 children had ideal conditions to run around.  Friday was an unbelievable day and it meant that our Year 3-6 children had perfect conditions to perform.

My thanks to Mr Erwin for organising two great events and to all the staff and parents who helped.  It was also great to have so much parental support particularly at the Year 1 and 2 event.  I do hope there were no serious injuries for our Year 1 and 2 mums and dads who entered the relay!

I was also very impressed with the way our Year 5 and 6 children conducted themselves at the Sports Day and I thought they were excellent role models for our Year 3 and 4 children and represented themselves, and their house, with pride.

We had our parent consultations this week and they come to a close early next week for everyone.  Thank you for making the time to meet with the teachers and I understand from the feedback we got that you really appreciated the 15 minutes to talk about your child.  We also got great feedback around the sibling priority for the Gateway bookings so we will look to continue this moving forward.

I am pleased to report that a Year 6 team from 6B managed to win the Gecko Maths competition held at Island School recently.  We had 4 teams enter, 2 from 6B and 2 from 6CB, and they were up against schools from Glenealy and Island School.  There were about 14 teams in total.  Gecko maths is a competition where the children try to answer as many challenging math questions as they can in forty minutes.

After forty minutes, 3 teams were tied on equal points so they had to go to “golden point”.  The first team of the 3 left, to give the correct answer would win.  A team from Glenealy, Island School and our own team from 6B were given the difficult maths question and we were the first to answer it!  It was impressive to see Sophie Williams, Victoria Kind, Zach Nocom and Jaiman Gupta split the last question in parts.  This meant they all worked together to answer it and as a result of this team work and collaboration, as well as some excellent math skills, they won the competition.  Very impressive considering who they were up against.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,
Bill Garnett

PYP News

Hong Kong Flower Show: School Garden Plot Competition

Congratulations to the Peak School Garden Club for winning First Prize at the 2018 Hong Kong Flower Show!  It is our fourth year to join the ‘School Garden Plot Competition’ and we are thrilled to have bagged the top prize this year.  The children’s hard work has truly paid off!

Congratulations also go to Ms. Cann, who leads our garden club and to our parent volunteers, Mrs. Barbara Engo Aranha (mum of Sophie, 5S) and Mrs. Fleur Yu (mum of Charli, 2R), and our community volunteer Mr. Michel Maruca who have offered expert advice and helped us set up the garden. Special thanks go to our caretaker, Ah Chuen, who donated the bears and also to Ms. Myla Peligro who sewed their Peak School uniforms so beautifully.  To Mrs. Ainsworth and Ms. Ainsworth, many thanks for the lovely buntings and crocheted flowers!

Please visit our garden at the HK Flower Show in Victoria Park.  The show runs until Sunday the 25th of March.

You may view the photos from the Flower Show set up and awarding ceremony by clicking on this LINK.

Discovery Dome at Peak School

Mr. Lorne Ali brought his Discovery Dome to school this week and our Y2s had the opportunity to explore the solar system inside the mobile planetarium.  Years 1 to 5 will also have an opportunity to watch other shows in the Discovery Dome in the coming months.


Sports Day

There were definitely some worried staff members the day before each of the Sports Days, but in the end the weather could not have been better for either.

To the sounds of Mr. Hollingsworth’s favorite ‘music jam’ students showed great team spirit and determination as they rotated through all their activities. These included sprinting, scootering, space hopping, climbing games, hurdling, bean bag tossing, relay running and participating in the obstacle course. To help make the day such a success, sixteen Year 6 students took part as leaders and  supervised, lead and supported each of the ‘School Houses’ or explained and helped run one of the activities. These students did an outstanding job adding to the Year 1 and 2 children’s enjoyment. The day was full of highlights but one enjoyed the most by all was the parent relay race which included not only thrills but a significant number of spectacular spills. A number of Year 1 students thought that maybe the parents should do a bit more training for next year.

Through the echoes of songs, cheers and chants, the Year 3 – 6 students put on a fantastic display of team unity (both verbally and through various house costumes and colors),  sportsmanship and encouragement throughout the morning. Students worked together to try and amass as many points as possible through various events which included throwing (frisbee and vortex ball), running (short, long and obstacle), jumping (hurdles and long jump) and the mixed relay.  At the end of the day, the results were the closest they have ever been with Victoria winning overall. Congratulations to all the students for trying their best and encouraging their team.

The school would like to thank all the parents and family members who came and joined in by helping at events and/or cheering and encouraging the participants throughout both days.

Peak School Wins Gecko Maths

Recently Peak School Year 6 students took part in the Gecko Maths Challenge.  This  an annual competition between ESF schools in which teams of 4 students must answer 20 questions in an allotted time.  The students need to use logical thinking, good communication skills and team work as well as show commitment and good mathematical knowledge.  This year we were fortunate enough to send four teams of students one of whom were the eventual winners.

What impressed the staff watching from the other schools the most about our students was the way they all gathered together to congratulate the winning team.  We are extremely proud of all the students who took part.

Congratulations all

Behind: Dorika Papp, Holly Richley, Tanya Khanduri, Nicholas Wong, Joshua Low, Adrian Yang, Vibhu Vajpayee, Aiden Crewe, Tommy Hall; Front: Amelia Crewe, Victoria Kind, Sophie Williams, Jaiman Gupta, Zach Nocom, Christine Da Silva, Arthur Woo

Golden Book

‘A Peek at Our Learning’ Blog

PLEASE take a look!!  It has lots of photos of ‘what’s happening’ in school. You can access it by going onto ‘Planet Peak’ and clicking the icon ‘ A Peek at our learning’ or follow the link http://ainswortha.blogspot.hk/ 

Presentation from the US Consulate on the BI Domestic Visa Class

The U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong has kindly offered to host a 45 minute presentation to parents on the B1 Domestic visa class.  This visa class is for domestic employees traveling to the United States to work for short periods of time. Apparently the process is complicated and the Consulate can explain how to apply and what the requirements are. At the moment we just need expressions of interest – If you are interested in attending such a presentation please let the school office know within the next week.

After School Activities


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