10 Jan 2020

Peak View – 17 January 2020

Peak School’s latest newsletter is available to read now. Find out the latest news around the school and upcoming events.

Principal’s Message
Parent Workshop
Chinese New Year Celebrations at Peak School
The 10th Peak School Putonghua Speech Festival 2019-2020
Year 5 Winter Fair Flyer
PTA Messages
Library News
Message from the Nursing Team
Peak School Debate Team
The Tempest, Peak School Upper School Production
After School Activities

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents

We are constantly impressed by our children and the last two weeks have been no exception.  I have lost count of the number of staff who have come to me, over the last two weeks, commenting on how well behaved the children have been, how focused and enthusiastic they are about their learning and what terrific ambassadors they have been for Peak School when visiting other schools.  I am delighted to report that all the children have made an impressive start to Term 2.

Regarding the Government Grant can I please ask, once you have downloaded the form from Gateway and filled it in, that you either drop the form into school yourself or send via post.  We will send a confirmation email to all parents who have submitted the form meaning that if you do not hear from us, we have not received your form.  This should eliminate our concerns around the form sitting in the bottom of a school bag and the parent thinking it has been handed in, when it has not!

Please note that if you have more than one child at Peak School, you will need to fill out a form for each child.  The forms are available via Gateway this coming Monday for you to download.

The deadline for handing in your form to Peak School is 10 February at 8.30am.  Please note that the forms cannot be emailed or faxed to the school.  The EDB will pay the money into the bank account that you have listed on the form.  EDB have indicated the processing time will be about 6 weeks from the time they recieve all the ESF forms.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Gung Hei Fat Choy / Xīn Nián Kuài Lè,

Warm Regards


Parent Workshop

Dear Parents,

We have an upcoming parent workshop!  We have invited Ms. Marie Marchand to come to Peak School on Wednesday, 19 February from 8:45 – 10:45 am.  The focus of the workshop is: 
How to use positive language at home and school and its effects. Why is everything a struggle? How to deal with it and how to prevent it. 
To learn more about Ms. Marchand and her work, you may visit her website at http://parentingdialogue.com/
To sign up for this workshop, please click on this link and send your $200 cheque payment to Peak School on or before Friday, 14 February.
Thank you!

Chiqui Colet
Vice Principal 

Chinese New Year Celebrations at Peak School

This year in the lead up to CNY parents are welcome to come along and join in to the Chinese lessons listed below:
CNY themed Chinese lessons the week of 20/1-23/1

Yr 1(Mon 130pm & Tues 10am )- Craft making (Each lesson is 45mins)

Yr 2 (Thurs 11am)- Craft making (Each lesson is 45mins) Yr 3 (Thurs 955am)- Wall decorations (Each lesson is 45mins) Yr 4- (Thurs 1145am)- Wall decorations (Each lesson is 45mins)

Year 5 (Wed 130pm) – Dumpling Making (Each lesson is 90 mins)

Year 6 (Thurs 130pm) – Dumpling Making (Each lesson is 90 mins)

Also on Thursday 23/01 each child in the school will be receiving a traditional bao and spring roll to celebrate Chinese New Year. However, children are encouraged to still bring their lunch as the bao and spring roll delivered may not be enough to fill the students up. Please note allergies and dietary requirements have been taken into consideration and there will be alternatives for those children affected.

Wishing you are very happy Chinese New Year from us to you 🙂

The 10th Peak School Putonghua Speech Festival 2019-2020 Year 3-6

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 10th Peak School Putonghua Speech Festival this year!  You have all presented excellent communication skills and fantastic presentation skills! Well done children for taking the challenge in your learning journey, keep up the good work!

Y3 and Y4 Solo Awards

Participation Award

Wai Him TANG 3F

Courageous Participation Award


3rd Place

Davian SUM 4A

Hayden DOYLE 3C

2nd Place


Adele CHAN 3C

1st Place

Charlie LI 3C

Y3 and Y4 Group Awards

3rd Place

Charlotte FERGUSON 3F


Amayra DABAS 3F

2nd Place


Sum Yu TONG 4M


1st Place



Gabrielle CHAMBERS 4M


Sadie SHARP 4A



Y5 and Y6 Solo Awards

Great Effort Award

Siddhartha RAO 6W

3rd Place


2nd Place

Jayden YUEN 6W

1st Place

Alfred FONG 6B

Y5 and Y6 Group Awards

3rd Place

Viviette SZE 5R

Sophie WONG 5C

Beana TSUI 5C

2nd Place

Amelie SCHULZ 5R

Raffaella GUIDI 5R


Anwen BROWN 5C

Nathalie WILLIS 5R

1st Place

Arianna AN 6B

Queenie WANG 6B

Lydia LI 6W

Cherry LAU 6W

Year 5 Winter Fair Flyer

Well done to all our Year 5 budding designers who entered the Winter Fair Flyer Competition. The standard was high and judging very close. 
The winning entry  from Felix Meens 5R is featured below.

PTA Messages

Family Bingo Night

Dear Peak School Families,

Peak School PTA  is happy to invite you to the Annual Family Bingo Night that will be held on Thursday, February 13th @ 5:30pm at the school hall. Bingo Games running from 5:30-7:30pm. Doors open at 5.15pm

Early bird ticket* is $150 per person, includes 2 bingo cards, foods, fantastic prizes and fun for all.  Put this date down in your diary, and use this  LINK to order your tickets.

Family Bingo Night is a very popular event at Peak School and is a great way to spend an evening with your family and come out and support our school!  As seats are limited, order your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

* Early bird ticket sale will end on Tuesday 11th February at 10.00pm. If event is not sold out, ticket also will be available at door for $200

Volunteers Appreciated!

All event would not take place without the generous help from volunteers.  If you have time to lend a hand on the afternoon/evening of the event (ticket and food sales as well as set up and clean up) please indicate it on the order form. (We will send out a volunteer sign up form closer to date).


As our next PTA Fundraising Event is coming up, we would like to remind everyone that the PTA is conscious in finding ways to be more Green.   As one of the best way to reduce waste is to reuse and recycle: If have any unwanted toys or gifts that are suitable for Peak School Children, why not donate them to the school to use as prizes for the Bingo Night?

If you have any to offer, please kindly donate till Monday 10th February.  Anything we don’t use on the Bingo Night can be used for other events. Please note that we can only accept new/ unused items

But we are always looking for other ways to improve. Examples of measures we’ve implemented thus far are:

  • Using Vegeware for all cups, plates, napkins, serving gloves etc used at our events.  The cups etc look like they are made of plastic but these items are actually made out of plant/bio materials that are 100 percent compostible.
  • Selling home made baked goods and moving away from any packaged snacks such as chips, etc.
  • Looking for items to sell that can be used over again, not made of plastic. like long-lasting toys with minimum plastic packaging as BINGO prizes .

All of our PTA events are to raise funds for the school.  The funds are used for materials needed in classrooms, IQ air purifiers, drinking fountains etc.  I’m sure you can all appreciate it is a real challenge to find items to sell to raise money that are environmentally friendly, interesting to the children, and happily received by the parents.  We do our best, but are always looking for input from our parent community.  If you have any ideas, please do email us at pta@peakschool.edu.hk, and we will do our best to onboard any feasible ideas.

May we also highlight that we are always aiming for a close 100% recycling event – so please always follow all instruction on how, and where to dispose of rubbish, etc.



Changes to Uniform Shop Operating hours  

MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY from 08.35 – 10.00 &

MONDAY and Friday from 15.15 – 15.45

The PTA office and Uniform shop are not open during school holidays.  For enquiries email: pta@peakschool.edu.hk

Uniform Order Process

  1. Orders can be placed via MobileArq online shop or by submitting an ORDER FORM to the PTA Administrator.
  2. PTA will issue and send an invoice to be paid by:

> Bank transfer to HSBC account #: 808 507 529 001

(please send in bank slip, in case of ATM transfer, direct cheque or cash deposit)

>  Credit Card (3.4% handling fee is added)

>  Cheque payable to Peak School PTA LTD.

Please note: we no longer accept cash payment

  1. Orders will be completed once payment is made.

PTA Important Dates in Term 2

Bingo Night-13th Feb

Art Auction-28th April

Danceathon-14th April

Library News

Please read the library news by clicking HERE.

Message from the Nursing Team

The Education Bureau and the CHP are asking the community to stay vigilant against the spread of Influenza and other Respiratory Infections.

Symptoms include sore throat, runny nose, achy muscles and fever. If your child has any of these symptoms, please keep them at home to prevent further spread of the Influenza.

Please do not send your child to school if they have a temperature above 37.5°C and be mindful that Peak School Policy is that children must not return to school until 48 hours after the fever has subsided without the use of fever lowering medication.

If your child is unwell or showing any signs of Influenza, please keep them at home and email the Nursing team (Laura and Gloria) nurse@peakschool.edu.hk

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Best Wishes,

Laura and Gloria

School Nurses

Peak School Debate Team

The newly formed Peak Debate Team had their first ever friendly match this week against Glenealy School. The schools each had to debate both for and against the motion that ‘Private care should be banned in Hong Kong.’ The debaters used their critical thinking and public speaking skills to argue passionately for their side. Congratulations to the entire team, Sophie, Colin, Cedrik, Luke, Leo, Jonathan, Kinga, Evie and Charles who have collaborated throughout Term 1. Special mention to Leo and Charles who were named best speaker of their respective matches!

The Tempest, Peak School Upper School Production

2020 will see the Peak School’s 4th biannual upper school production (years 4-6) which this year will be a musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s stormy tale “The Tempest”  to be performed on 31st March and 1st April.

This alternative production will incorporate many different elements of the performing and expressive arts so that everyone who wants to participate can be involved in some way.

There will be a lunchtime production meeting later this week for all interested students to come along and find out more. Limited speaking parts will be available for students from years 5 and 6 only, all students from years 4, 5 and 6 are welcome to participate in the chorus, (which is more than a choir) and there will be other opportunities for dancers, musicians, designers, physical theatre and stage crew.

Auditions for year 5s and 6s will begin as soon as possible and the chorus will start rehearsing on Thursday lunchtimes. There will be no audition for the chorus. A polite reminder here, that the year4s can only participate in the chorus.

Rehearsals will take place during lunchtimes and after school on Wednesdays (until 4:30pm) and there will be a whole day practice at school on Saturday 7th March. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be available in due course.

Whilst all students will be strongly encouraged to participate, it is important that they want to be there too and that they are willing to commit, check rehearsal schedules, turn up on time, put in the work and generally to exercise independence and self discipline. All too often precious time is spent following up on those who are missing rehearsals rather than on those who are turning up regularly.  If your child decides to participate in the production, please talk to them about the commitment that it involves for the entire term and that they have a responsibility to attend all the necessary rehearsals.

There will be a “Tempest” notice board on the stairs to the music room where all audition notices and rehearsal schedules will be posted.

Participants are expected to be responsible for checking the notice board so that they know when they are needed. Reminders will also be given during assemblies and by class teachers. Commitment is key and if your child does not turn up to rehearsals, or regularly misses them, we will presume they have chosen not to be involved and we will not be chasing them up.

A confirmation email will also be sent home within the next 2 weeks to the parents of the students who have chosen to join. If you do not receive any further correspondence, please assume that your child has chosen not to participate.

Many Thanks,
The Production Team

After School Activities

Hip Hop Dance Classes

Artistic Gymnastics Classes

ESF Gymnastics at Peak School is a foundation rich sport is suitable for all ages and levels from beginners to advanced gymnasts.

Our fun interactive lessons are designed to develop your child’s fine motor skills, coordination, balance and flexibility. With pathways to competition, challenging your child in a positive nurturing way. Classes are broken down into age by year group then further streamlined according to ability. This is matched closely by age.

Classes held on Tuesday 1530-1730 and Friday1530-1830


ESF Gymnastics coaches are very experienced with backgrounds ranging from World Champions, Artistic Competitive gymnastics, National Team members, Tumbling experts, Cheerleaders, Rhythmic Specialists and Judges.

Thank you once again






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