19 Oct 2017

Peak View – 20 October 2017

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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Caregiver

Next week is an important week for the school as we have two members of the Council of International Schools (CIS) visiting us to ensure that we are meeting their standards.  They are spending 4 days at the school from Tuesday to Friday and the purpose of the visit is to see that we are on track for the full CIS Accreditation visit which will take place in the next 18 months.

Martin Kneath and Richard Bennetts are both recently retired Principals who will be visiting the school on behalf of CIS.  They will be talking to all stakeholders including students, parents and teachers.  CIS have over 80 standards that we have had to report on and the visit is designed for them to ensure we meet those standards and are in fact doing what we say we are doing as per our initial self study.

Of significance, it is very likely that we will have a lockdown or fire drill or both when they are here as child safety is a big focus for CIS.

This week in my blog, which you can access by clicking HERE:

Family Password – an idea to help your child/ren remain safe when approached by an adult they do not know

Math presentations from recent parent workshops – Year 1-2, Year 3-4 and Year 5-6

Maths Rubrics – Access these to learn what your child should be able to do by the end of the year across the strands in maths

Finally, Happy Diwali to all the members of our community who celebrate this special occasion.  It was lovely to see some of our children dressed up in their traditional clothing on Wednesday and my thanks to those parents that gave up their time to help us celebrate Diwali at school.

I hope to see many of you at the ESF 50th Year Celebration Marathon held this coming Sunday including a lot of Year 4 students who are performing with the ‘Unsung Heroes’.

Thank you for your continued support.

Warm Regards
Bill Garnett

Key Dates

Box of Hope


Once again the Student Council would like to support this charity by asking Peak School students to make a Box of Hope to donate this Christmas.  Posters are displayed around the school and flyers have been handed out.  Boxes may be brought in any time between now and November 6th and they can be left in the shared area outside Ms Colet and Mrs. Ainsworth’s offices.

Please see the link by clicking HERE for further information.

Tiphany Bloomfield
Year 6 Class Teacher
Student Leadership Co-ordinator

PYP News

Happy Diwali


We had a wonderful Diwali celebration yesterday, thanks to all the parents who volunteered to set up different booths at lunchtime on Wednesday.  The children enjoyed painting diyas and candle holders, posing for photos with traditional Diwali clothes, and putting on beautiful tattoos.  This activity has helped children learn about this Hindu festival and helped them gain a better understanding of a different culture.  We will be sharing photos from this event soon!

Lion Dance Club

We now have enough children for our Chinese Lion Dance Club but we are hoping that even more children sign up!

If your child is interested in joining the Lion Dance Club on Tuesdays at lunchtime, please click on this LINK.

Message from the Nurse

Student Dental Health Service

This scheme is optional and voluntary. If you are interested in the scheme, please obtain a form directly from MacLehose Dental Centre at 286, Queen’s Road East, Wan chai starting from November 2017. You may call the Centre at 28922125 for details.  You will need to bring the HKID card (original and photocopy) /passport with a valid visa (original and photocopy) and a proof of attendance from the school for appointment booking. The proof of attendance can be obtained from the School Nurse.

Vigilance against Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD)

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health recorded an increasing number of institutional outbreaks of HFMD in recent weeks.

HFMD is a viral infection commonly seen in children. HFMD occurs throughout the year in Hong Kong but the disease activity usually peaks between May and July. A smaller peak may also occur from October to December.

Common symptoms include: Fever, sore throat and skin rash over the hands and feet. Although the illness is self-limiting in most cases, some cases especially those caused by EV71 may be associated with complications like myocarditis, encephalitis or poliomyelitis-like paralysis.

Measures to prevent outbreak:

Maintaining good hygiene practice is the most important measure to prevent HFMD and EV71 infection.

Parents are advised to keep their children at home for rest when they develop fever or rash. People who develop symptoms suggestive of HFMD should seek medical advice promptly.

Children with HFMD should be excluded from school until fever has subsided and all the vesicles have dried and crusted. As an extra precaution, children with EV71 infection are advised not to go to school for another two weeks after all symptoms subsided, since the virus may be excreted in stool for some weeks and the infection is associated with a higher risk of complications.

Supervise children on personal hygiene practices, especially on how to wash the hands properly with liquid soap before meals and after going to toilet, cover nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing, and proper disposal of nasal and mouth discharge. Avoid high risk play facilities such as ball pools.

The School will Clean and disinfect frequently touched surface, furniture and toilets regularly with diluted bleach of 1:99 .Disinfect toys/places which are contaminated by secretions or excreta with diluted household bleach of 1:49 concentration.

ESF 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner

The ESF 50th Anniversary celebration will close with a Gala Dinner on the evening of 6 December at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) in Wan Chai. We are hoping that this final event of our 50th Anniversary calendar will be a joyous occasion to end the year’s event .

Details of the Gala Dinner
Date: Wednesday, 6 December 2017
Time: 7:00pm (Reception begins at 6pm)
Venue: Grand Ballroom, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC)
Early Bird Price: $1,700 (early bird offer valid until 1st November 2017)

Sales of tickets are already available through ESF website at http://www.esf.edu.hk/gala

Please do join the ESF community at the Gala Dinner!


After School Activities


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