21 Sep 2018

Peak View – 21 September 2018

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Principal’s Message
Rules of Respect
Student Leaderhship
Peak School Wildlife sanctuary: Website Launched
Library News
Lion Dance Performance
Mother Tongue Programmes: French

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Caregivers

If we reflect on the last seven days it really has been an eventful week.

Last Friday we had our PTA Mid Autumn Festival and what a great night that was.  To have well over 700 attend, including many ex Peak School students and families, was a testament to how strongly connected we are as a community.  My thanks again to Ildi and the rest of the PTA team who organised a superb night for us all.

Then of course we turn our attention to Typhoon Mangkhut which arrived on Sunday.  Of all the storms I have experienced, both here and in New Zealand, this one was by far the strongest.  Unfortunately it did mean all schools were closed Monday and Tuesday but the city was quick to bounce back and we managed to open on Wednesday.  My thanks to the community for their patience and understanding. It was quite tricky to navigate as there were a lot of moving parts and the people making the decisions e.g. Education Bureau, had a lot of information to gather before they could act.

Finally, and this message is only to our bus users, can I please ask that you talk to your child or children about their behaviour on the bus.  It has been really disappointing to have to talk to a number of children who are letting themselves down recently in terms of their behaviour on the bus.  At school these children are caring and principled but on the buses they are not.  If appropriate, can you please stress that their behaviour on the bus should be setting an excellent example for others.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Warm Regards
Bill Garnett

Rules of Respect

At Peak School, we follow the Rules of Respect.  All children at school strive to follow these rules – to respect yourself, respect others, and respect the environment.  Please take time to discuss these rules with your child/ren and talk about how you do it at home.

Student Leadership

Over the last two weeks Year 6 students have been showing they are risk takers by presenting to the school as they apply for leadership positions.  There are many leadership opportunities available in our school such as the Student Council, House Captains and House Prefects, Student Librarians, Green Group as well as PE monitors and class buddies.

Each year, the standard of these presentations for Student Council and House Captain get better and better.  This process gives students an opportunity to demonstrate many of the PYP skills and attitudes they learn and use during Unit of Inquiries.

The fact that so many students were prepared to take  risk and try out for these positions demonstrates how important these roles are in the school.  Years 3-5 are now having their own in class votes to decide on their class leaders.

Congratulations to the following Year 6 students who were elected by the school for these leadership positions and well done and thank you to all the applicants who showed integrity, commitment and enthusiasm by applying for the positions.  We are very proud of all of you.

Student Council
6B Iris Donovan, Aki Tanaka
6CB  Alexander Chen, Viola Ferraro

6B Jack Barton
6CB Harry Hattam

6B Hannah Willis
6CB Samuel Meerovitsch

6B Nathan Shiu
6CB Natalie Pang

6B Jasmine Liew
6CB Catriona Guy Ramsay


Soraya Adefris
Cassie Siu
Christie Yang
Natalie Lam
Zachary Hull
Haze Leung
Sabrina Pepall
William Blythe
Elena Brown
Tom Scapinello
James Hendriks
Ian Lam
Connor Hui
Sophie Aranaha
Tim Hamilton
Ethan Lam
Idhant Srivastava

Many thanks!

Tiphany Bloomfield
Year 6 Class Teacher
Student Leadership Co-ordinator

Peak School Wildlife sanctuary: Website Launched

This year, we are launching a program at Peak School to ensure that the community understands that the school is a sanctuary for our kids, staff and families and… for wildlife as well.  At Peak School, we don’t invent living nature, we invite it, exactly like in any national park.

A website has been launched to portray this concept.  It is organised in 3 sections:

  • explore Peak School wildlife sanctuary
  • develop Peak School wildlife sanctuary
  • live in Peak School wildlife sanctuary

It includes under its umbrella, our community garden, gardening club, recycling scheme, the Green Group initiatives and of course future students’ classroom work and projects.

The website is under permanent construction.  More pages will keep being added.

Mr. Michel Maruca

Library News

Please click HERE for latest library news.

Lion Dance Performance

Congratulations to all the children who participated in the Lion Dance club! Your performance was exciting to watch.  Keep up your passion and enthusiasm!

Mother Tongue Programmes: French

ESF organises Mother Tongue programmes which usually take place after school hours. This programme is targetted at French speaking families. If interested, please do respond to the questionnaire by clicking HERE by 30 September 2018.


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