25 Aug 2017

Peak View – 25 August 2017

Peak School’s latest newsletter is available to read now. Find out the latest news around the school and upcoming events.

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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Thank you for your wonderful support last night at the Parent Information Evening.  It was great to see so many parents in attendance.

I know I mentioned this last night briefly to one parent group and in more detail to the other group but I would like discuss further the topic of cupcakes.

Traditionally Peak School students bring in cupcakes on their birthday.  This is a tradition that we have worked hard to stop and will continue to into the future.  Whilst the easy solution would be to ban them altogether we feel confident that most parents and children will now choose the alternatives.

What are the alternatives?  Today I spoke to the children about raising awareness of an issue they are passionate about by buying a book, on their birthday, and donating it to the library or their class.  A book that would help raise awareness or simply a book that they love.

Alternatively they could donate the cost of the muffins to a charity of their choice that works in an area they care a lot about e.g. rhino poaching.  I challenged the children today to think about what was more important, spending money on cupcakes or supporting an organisation that makes a difference.

Perhaps they would like to bring to school a healthy food option like fruit sticks instead of cupcakes or perhaps even donate seeds and plants to the garden group.

Our mission is to “be socially responsible citizens” and I need your support in helping the children move away from cupcakes so that they see that taking action to help others is more rewarding than a quick treat for them and their peers.

Finally, I will add to my blog next newsletter as I am conscious this newsletter has so much information already for you to digest.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Kind regards,
Bill Garnett

Key Dates & Calendar

Survey for You Tell Us Meeting in September

School Calendar and Key Dates in Term 1 (2017-2018)

Golden Book

Message from the PTA Chairs

Dear Peak School families,

On behalf of everyone on the PTA, we would like to warmly welcome you to a new school year! We hope that your children are settling in well.

We are very much looking forward to our first big event of the year, the much anticipated Lantern Festival! Please save the date: Friday, the 15th of September. The festivities will begin at 5:30pm.

We would also like to let you know that if your child is a not a school bus rider, but would like to use the bus for a play date with a friend, for example, s/he is more than welcome to do so. All you need to do is contact the school to coordinate. The fee for this service is $80. Thank you!

We wish everyone a wonderful school year and look forward to seeing you soon!

Kind regards,
Ildiko Fecser and Victoria Fouladi
Peak School PTA Co-chairs

Message from Our School Nurse

The Peak is a nut free school

As some children here in Peak school suffer from severe nut allergies we adopt a nut free policy. For some it is a life threatening condition therefore please help us and ensure that all foods brought to school should not contain any nut or nut products. Your co-operation is much appreciated.

Absentees from school

Please inform the school as soon as possible if your child is suffering from any infectious / contagious diseases.

Child returning to school after sickness

Please keep your child at home for at least 24 hours (Center of Health Protection recommends 48 hours) after fever/ vomiting or diarrhea has completely subsided. Furthermore with regards to fever (37.5’C or above) this means not sending children into school until they are fever free without any antipyretic medication. If students are sent to school before they have fully recovered they may become more susceptible to other illnesses and/or spread their illness to others.

Head Lice

It is important to check your child’s hair regularly and keep him/her at home if any head lice are detected. If head lice are noted in school, students will be sent home and they can return to school once treatment has been applied and he/she is free from lice.

Gateway Medical Update

A gentle reminder to update your child / children’s medical information on Gateway as soon as possible if there is any change in their condition and to ensure that the school has your current contact details in case of an emergency.

Medicine Administration in School

If your child is required to take prescribed medication in school or to camp, you must ensure a Medical Authorization Form has been completed and signed by the parent. For safety reasons it is school policy that all prescribed medication for students must be handed to the school nurse for safe keeping and not kept with students, this is upheld through all ESF primary schools.

For camp it is recommended the medicine has been handed in to the nurse at least 7 days before the camp by an adult (parent or helper) – not a student.

The medicine is in the original packaging and clearly labeled with the following:

  1. Student’s name
  2. Student’s date of birth
  3. Doctor’s name
  4. Instructions & expiry date of medicine*

You can download the Medication Authorization form by clicking HERE;

Student Health and Dental Scheme

You can retrieve a form for the Student Health Service from the school nurse in September.

For the Dental Scheme: Please obtain a form directly from MacLehose Dental Centre at 5/F, 286, Queen’s Road East, Wan chai from mid-December. Please call 28922125 for details.  You will need a proof of attendance letter from the school with the HKID card (original and photocopy)/passport with a valid visa (original and photocopy) for an appointment.

Mosquito Protection

Please ensure children are fully protected with mosquito repellant before coming to school. As we know mosquitoes love the hot humid weather we are having at the moment. The school is taking environmentally friendly precautions to try stop the increase of mosquito’s in the area, with this and repellant we feel it will aid the prevent ion of mosquito borne illness’.

Peak School Medical Page

For information on the most common illness’ that can arise in primary school children please refer to our Medical Information page on the school website by clicking HERE.

Ruby Leung
Peak School Supply Nurse

PYP News

Parent Information Session

Mark your calendars for our “Introduction to the Primary Years Programme” parent info session on Thursday, September 7th from 8:45 – 9:45am.  This will be a good opportunity to learn about the Peak School curriculum and the role of parents in our community.  This session is targeted for parents who are new to the school.

Programme of Inquiry

You can now access our programme of inquiry by clicking on this LINK.

Chiqui Colet
Vice Principal & PYP Coordinator

Chinese News

Welcome back to Peak School! We hope you all have enjoyed the summer holiday and are now recharged for more exciting Chinese learning!

The Year Ahead

 At Peak School we have three Chinese teachers and three Chinese groups, Mary Liu (Liu Laoshi – Rabbit Group), Abbie Tsang (Zeng Laoshi – Piggy Group) and Mirander Wong (Huang Laoshi Ox Group).  A skills-based approach is adopted in Chinese and we also make links to the PYP Units of Inquiry where appropriate.

Y1 and Y2 both have four sessions per week, three 45-minute sessions and one 30-minute session.  Children are taught in mixed ability groups.  Y3 to Y6 children attend Chinese class with five 45-minute sessions per week.  There are one near native and two non-native groups in Y3 to Y 6 and we differentiate in rotation groups in class.

We believe that language learning should construct meaning for the purpose of communication in daily life; therefore, at Peak School we use a variety of teaching resources to deliver the curriculum and differentiated language activities in listening, speaking, reading and writing are designed to meet children’s learning needs.  Chinese home learning for each year group is uploaded bi-weekly on the Planet Peak.  You shall find it in your child’s year group home learning folder.

Chinese Lion Dance

Huge number of enthusiastic children have signed up for the Chinese Lion Dance club and we had our first kick off on Tuesday.  The first performance will be on the Peak School Mid-Autumn Festival.  Children are in the process of designing a logo for the club and they are looking forward to sharing in the next issue of Peak View.

The Chinese Team


ESF Admission to Year 1 and Year 7 for the Academic Year 2018/19

Year 1 Central Applications for entry into academic year beginning August 2018/19 (For children born in 2013)

Year 1 applications for the 2018/19 school year open in September this year. Families with children born in 2013 wishing to apply for Y1 entry in August 2018 will be required to submit applications online between 1 to 30 September 2017.  Key dates for Year 1 application may be viewed by clicking HERE. Applications received after 30 September will be considered late and placed on our school’s waiting list according to priority and date received.

For further details and application procedures, please click HERE.

Y6 students transferring to secondary school for August 2018

Parents wishing their child to transfer from an ESF primary school to an ESF secondary school will need to submit a transfer application for Year 7 (available on Gateway) between Monday, 4 to Friday, 15 September 2017.

Allocation for secondary school will be determined by their residential zone at the start of Year 6. For further details, please refer to the information available on the ESF website at HERE for key dates and HERE for school zones. All newly joined Y6 are guaranteed a Y7 place but not necessarily for the school of zone. ESF reserves the right to redirect students based on majority of transferring cohorts in primary school should there be overcapacity at any of the secondary schools.

Please note that as the first term ends earlier this year, all Y7 offer letters will be sent to parents from the respective secondary schools in early December and the deadline for the deposit payment to secure the Y7 place is  Friday, 15 December 2017.

Clarissa Lee
Peak School Admissions


After School Activities



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