26 Apr 2018

Peak View – 27 April 2018

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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

As you know, you have a number of opportunities during the year to formally learn about the progress your child is making and to meet the appropriate teachers.  In Term 1 we have “You Tell Us” and the 3 Way Conferences, in term 2 we have the Parent Consultations and in this term we have the Student Led Conferences.

The Student Led Conferences are an opportunity for you to come to school, for about 70 minutes, with your child and s/he is then tasked with taking you around the school to different stations where they share with you their learning experiences (Year 1-5 only).  Year 6 children, during their Student Led Conferences, go through their exhibition learning with their parents in the hall.  The Year 6 Student Led Conference is being held on Friday, 18 May.  Year 6 parents will be able to book a time with their child via Gateway next week.

The Year 1-5 Student Led Conference is being held on 25 May.  There will be different time slots for you to choose from, during the day, and you and your child only come to school during the time slot that you have chosen.  For example, if you choose a 8.15 – 9.25am time slot, for example, you and your child arrive to school at 8.15am together and then depart together at 9.25am.  Buses will not run on this day.  You will be able to book via Gateway on Monday 7, May.

I will be away all of next week as I am helping ESF investigate potential outdoor learning spaces for our secondary students.  We are visiting sites in Western Australia as well as Brisbane in the hope that we can find spaces that will offer a very different experience, for our secondary students, compared to their current life in Hong Kong.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and a reminder that the children have a long weekend this weekend as school does not restart, for them, until Wednesday.

Bill Garnett

Golden Book

Message from Mr Hollingsworth

Dear Peak Parents,

Recently we have been made aware that students are using the app music.ly at home. Please read the Common Sense Media review about this app, link below.



Music.ly is not only a music app but it is a social networking app as well, and Common Sense Media recommends that it for children 16+.

After reading the about the app, if you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Mr H.

Medical Room Update

Please note Nurse Michelle will be job sharing her role with Nurse Gloria going forward. Nurse Michelle will be on duty every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday while Nurse Gloria will be on duty the remaining days of the week, Thursday and Friday. Their working hours will be 8.15am – 3pm. Please help in welcoming Nurse Gloria to the Peak school team.

Contact for both nurses: nurse@ps.edu.hk or call 2849 7873

A Special Thanks!

A special thanks from the Year 2 students to our Year 5 buddies who completed Peer Assessments as a part of our Where We Are in Place and Time unit of inquiry. The Year 5 students were very caring and responsible, assessing our understanding of our research during the unit. The Year 2 students were able to show their learning in very clear, confident ways and we are proud of all students involved.

Year 6 Exhibition

Earth Week

Earth Week was a great success at Peak School. For our “Green, Blue but Nothing New” dress casual day, we raised $4,800 which will be donated to Plastic Free Seas. This is an environmental based charity in Hong Kong dedicated to advocating change in the way we view and use plastics in everyday life.

During the week, children were involved in different activities to promote an understanding of caring for our environment and the small changes that we can make to our daily habits to make a difference. It was wonderful to see the whole school community getting involved to raise an awareness of environmental issues that we face today and the changes we can make when we all work together.

I would like to thank our community volunteers Michel Maruca and Melissa Au for their expert advice and knowledge on gardening and sharing this with the children. Michel ran a lunchtime workshop on “Futuristic Gardeners” which was extremely eye-opening to understanding the real job of a gardener and Melissa shared her expert advice on the benefits of the ‘farm to table’ idea in developing a deeper connection to nature through food.

Library News


With the Easter Holidays, April shot by like a flash… but we packed loads in!

Click HERE for our April Library News.


The 4th International Zhou Youguang Cup Chinese Talent Show (Hong Kong), 2018

On Saturday April 21, the 4th International Zhou Youguang Cup Chinese Talent Show kicked off in four ESF schools including Discovery College, Shatin Junior School, Bradbury School and Peak School!

Peak School held the Non Native Chinese Speakers Kindergarten group with 11 children aged 4-5 participating in the competition.  The competition items included Singing Pinyin Song, Poem Chanting/Singing and Stroke Counting.  All children did a brilliant job in their presentations, demonstrating creativity and knowledge in learning of Putonghua!

Well done to our Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 participants who took part in the Non Native Chinese Speaker Lower Primary group at Discovery College!

We are happy to share the results as below:

Competition Item: Poem Chanting/Singing   

Merit Award: Amelie SCHULZ (3F) & Lili Nixon (3F)

1st Runner Up: Eliana JEYARAJAH (2R)

Competition Item: Hard Pen Calligraphy

Champion: Dalia Raccah (3M)

All the best to our Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 participants whose competitions are scheduled on Saturday, April 28!  We hope it is to be a fruitful learning experience for everyone!

The Chinese Team

After School Activities



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