29 Jun 2017

Peak View – 30 June 2017

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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your terrific support this year. Personally it has been a challenging year for me with the sudden loss of my father in September, but work wise it has continued to be a journey that I love and cherish every day.

You all have wonderful children who you should be very proud of.  It is such a pleasure to work with staff and children who know how important learning and growing is and who approach it with such enthusiasm and excitement.  I am very proud of what we have achieved as a team this year but look forward to working hard next year to ensure we continue to grow.

If you have not already done so, please access Gateway to read the end of year reports that were released on Monday afternoon.

To all the families who are leaving Hong Kong, have a child in Year 6 who is going to Secondary School, or are leaving Peak School for other reasons, we wish you all the very best and thank you for your amazing support.

To our returning parents, I wish you a safe and happy summer with loved ones and I do hope you will get an opportunity to spend time with your child or children during their summer break.  We look forward to working with you and your children closely next year.

Again, thank you for all your support this year.

Warm Regards
Bill Garnett

Important Dates in Term 1 & Calendar (2017-2018)

Library News

As we head into summer don’t forget about our E-book platform which every Peak School family can enjoy throughout the holidays.

The Peak School Library electronic book collection is open for business 24-7.

Students in Year 3 and above can go to our ebook site (check it out here) and sign in with their Planet Peak username and the password ‘ebook’ to start borrowing from the 450 titles available. That is a lot of summer reading! All you need is wifi and a device such as a phone, a computer or an ipad and you can access it from anywhere you are in the world.

Have a wonderful summer, and take advantage of those long lazy days with a never ending supply of reading material from Peak School Library!

See you on the other side of summer…

From the Peak School Library Team
Mrs Campbell, Mrs Rodwell and Mrs Wang

Chinese News

The 3rd International Zhou Youguang Cup Chinese Talent Show ( Hong Kong), 2017

On Saturday June 17, 24 of Peak School children participated in Chinese Talent Show with full enthusiasm.   They have all demonstrated great courage, wonderful language skills and sensible manner in the competition.

The award ceremony was held on Saturday June 24 at Kennedy School. Congratulations to the winners!

Native Group-upper elementary

Victoria FONG (5B): Champion in Hard Pen Calligraphy

Nicholas KONG (5B): Champion in Modern Poem Chanting/Singing

Allie KWONG (6A): 1st Runner Up in Hard Pen Calligraphy

Native Group-lower elementary

Jonathan LAW (3R): 1st Runner Up in Modern Poem Chanting/Singing

1st Runner Up in Ancient Poem Chanting/Singing

Non Chinese Group-upper elementary

Victoria KIND (5B): Champion in Counting Strokes

Non Chinese Group-lower elementary

Sana BIJLANI (3R): 1st Runner Up in Poem Chanting/Singing

Siddhartha RAO (3R): 2nd Runner Up in Poem Chanting/Singing

Jemima KEYS (3M): 2nd Runner Up in Counting Strokes

Well done all the Peak School children who have been supporting the participants in the Chinese talent show by sharing valuable suggestions and comments!  Great team work!

The Chinese Team

After School Activities


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