Peak School Uniform

Peak School Uniform Guidelines:  2021-22 Academic Year


General Uniform and PE Uniform:

Peak School has two types of uniform, the General School Uniform (worn on most school days throughout the year) and the PE Uniform (worn only on days when students have PE lessons).  The General Uniform consists of a variety of options for both summer and winter weather, allowing it to be worn year round.  It is expected that students wear exclusively the regular school uniform items and do not make alterations or additions without written permission from the school.  We recommend ordering all items in advance of changing seasons to ensure students are wearing the correct uniform at all times.

Please clearly label all parts of your child’s school uniform with the individual name.  Misplaced and unlabeled uniform items will be placed in the lost property box outside the Office for collection.  Unclaimed uniform items will be donated to charity.

General School Uniform:

  • Short sleeve blouse/ shirt
  • Unisex knit sweater or cardigan
  • Skort or shorts
  • Grey trousers
  • Plain white or dark grey socks
  • Black leather shoes (see guidelines below)
  • School hat for outdoors. “No hat, no play, no fun today!”
  • Unisex fleece jacket or unisex windbreaker jacket

PE Uniform:

  • Unisex PE Short Sleeve T-Shirt in House Colours
  • Unisex PE Short or PE Skort
  • Unisex PE Trousers
  • Plain White Socks
  • Sports Shoes (see shoe guidelines below)


Uniform Sales:

Peak School uniform sales have transitioned from the PTA to ESF and their supplier.

Please visit to purchase all uniform items.

Note: Some remaining “Classic” Peak School style uniforms are available for purchase in the “Sale” section of the website until the stocks are exhausted.  Those “Classic” items will be paid for via the website, but picked up in person at Peak School or placed in your child’s backpack.  Please print out your receipt and bring along for collection.

Unavailability of Uniform Items:

The school and PTA strongly recommend that you plan ahead with ordering your uniform items as some items can take time to manufacture and deliver.



  • Uniform shoes must be black leather shoes. They should not have any other colours visible.
  • For PE, students are required to wear suitable sports shoes with non-marking soles. Sport shoes for PE lessons can be any colour but must be designed for active participation in sport – they need to have appropriate grip, ankle and foot protection.
  • Shoes that include blinking lights/sounds are not permitted.

Socks and Tights:

  • Socks worn with both the General and PE Uniform should be plain white or dark grey – no patterns or other colours.
  • Tights should be white or dark grey


  • No jewellery, except plain stud earrings are to be worn (exemptions based on religious reasons is required to be applied for on a case by case basis and unless otherwise permitted should be removed during PE activities).
  • Wrist bands of any type are not to be worn.
  • Wrist watches are permitted but should enable functions that allow students to connect with the internet, communicate with others, record other students or play games, while at school.


  • For Health and Safety reasons hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back.
  • Headbands, ribbons and scrunchies should be in plain school colours of green or white, black is also acceptable. Headbands should be plain and without decorative details like bows, protruding elements and/or sequins.


No makeup, artificial nails or nail polish are permitted.