24 Nov 2016

Peak View – 25 November 2016

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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents

I do hope you enjoyed the opportunity to meet with your child’s classroom teacher and your child during the 3 Way Conferences held this week.  These conferences are part of our effort to ensure we all work closely so that all our children are both challenged and supported.

On a completely different note can I please ask that parents, who organise their child/ren to be dropped off at school, to take on board the following message and/or share it with their driver;

Despite repeated requests we are still having cars wanting to turn right when leaving the school turning bay.  Can we please reiterate the importance of all cars turning left when leaving the school grounds as this means that the traffic can flow.

Secondly, we still have a large number of cars that are double or triple parked above the school meaning that our children (and their families) are having to weave through cars to cross the road to school.  This is a real safety concern and if it does not improve immediately we will have no other choice but to ask the Police to come and patrol the area at drop off time.  This is now a safety issue and we will not compromise the safety of our children.

This week in my blog, which you can access by clicking HERE, I cover the following;

  • ESF Calendar for next academic year – ESF have released the draft calendar and you can download the latest version
  • Uniform – just a reminder that, as the temperature cools, we all have a responsibility to ensure our children are wearing the correct uniform.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Warm Regards,
Bill Garnett

Message from the Nurse


As the weather is changing, cough and colds are on the rise and more influenza can occur.

Symptoms: Fever (<37.5), chills, muscle aches, headache, cough and runny nose.

Children with a combination of these symptoms should stay at home until they are well enough to return and fever free without the use of anti-pyretics. Influenza is highly contagious and can spread when a child inhales infected droplets in the air which have been coughed or sneezed by the infected person.

Please remember the Hong Kong Government is offering a Flu Vaccination Subsidy Scheme to all resident Hong Kong children up to the age of 12.  Under this, the Department of Health has furthermore issued new guidelines for the 2016/17 Flu Vaccination.  It is recommended for all children from the age of 6 months to 12 years, elderly and pregnant women.  For the Government subsidized vaccination plan for children please call 2125 2125 for details. You can also visit their website for more information at http://www.chp.gov.hk/en/view_content/18870.html

Slapped Cheek Syndrome/Fifth disease

According to the Hong Kong Department of health there has recently been outbreaks of Slapped Cheek syndrome in some schools around Hong Kong and Kowloon. Thankfully here at Peak School the numbers have been very low since the start of the year, however please be aware of the signs and symptoms listed below.

This syndrome is highly contagious and is transmitted by droplets through coughing or sneezing by infected children. Therefore we urge you not to send children to school if they have a 2 or more of the following symptoms; Temperature (Main symptom), cold like symptoms, headache, sore throat, abdominal pain/nausea.

The next stage will be the rash, which will typically look like a red scald to one or both cheeks and may become blotchy. The rash can spread to the body, arms and the legs.

The incubation period (4-20 days) is usually before the rash appears; therefore students are allowed to attend school if the rash has developed but the above symptoms must have subsided first.


Here in Peak school the task of Hand washing is very important to us. The reason: to protect ourselves from germs, illnesses and infections. One such infection which is common in young children is threadworms/Pinworms; this is an intestinal infection which is caused by tiny parasitic worms. Don’t worry, they do not cause any harm and don’t take long to treat. The worms are white and look like small pieces of thread. You may notice them around your child’s bottom or in their poo. They don’t always cause symptoms, but people often experience itchiness around their bottom which can cause sleep disturbances.

How they spread is when an infected person scratches the itchy area, the eggs can then get stuck into their fingernails which can be transferred to their mouth, clothes or surfaces.

Most pharmacies have over the counter treatments, some child friendly for example medicated sweets. Everyone in the household should be treated as a precaution. Bed sheets must be washed at a high temperature and regular vacuuming is recommended. Prevention is best by encouraging and maintaining good hand hygiene at home and in school.

Please visit the following website for more information;


Michelle Buckley
School Nurse

Key Dates


Golden Book



PTA News

Dear Parents

Thank you very much to all of you and your children who came to Movie Night.  We had an excellent evening, and lowered tickets for movie night and other events in line with our commitment to encourage even more families to come to our events.  We had a very good turnout, and thank you for supporting our efforts to build community and give back to the school with funds we raise.

Parent Gathering and PTA EGM:  7 December

We will meet 7 December for time to chat in person before the holidays.  In addition, we will hold our EGM this day to put forward our revised Articles for adoption by special resolution.  Do plan to be there so we can move the PTA forward with this initiative, and so you can get time to chat at length with other parents within our school community.  We’ll have drinks and snacks for parents before and after the EGM and will plan to hold the meeting itself at 8.30am or once we have the quorum we need.

PTA Fees

Most parents have paid their fees, however if you have yet to pay your membership fees for 2016/2017, please do so.  You can arrange this or clarify any questions with Jackie.

PTA Committee

Do consider getting involved with the PTA on our committee.  If you have questions about how you could contribute or how this happens, please get in touch with me through Jackie who can give you my contact details and I can meet with you for coffee.

Upcoming events

We support the school’s Christmas Carol Service by providing free mulled wine and pies.  We hope to see you there at the concert on 8 December!

Brian Schroeder
PTA Chair

PYP News


Artwork by Berenice Coelho http://mrsberenicesartroom.blogspot.hk

Among the IB attitudes are appreciation and integrity.  The IB describes the attitude of appreciation as “Appreciating the wonder and beauty of the world and its people”.  We’ve had a lot of opportunity to do so over the past month, most especially during the Y4, 5, and 6 camps.  One of the Y5 students expressed how wonderful it was to be able to hike with their friends and have the chance to talk to each other.  He further said that very often they spend time playing or working together but being at camp allowed them to have the time to walk and sit together and simply chat.  During circle times at camp and in school, we have also made time for expressing what we are most grateful for.  Children express their gratitude for their families and friends as well as for acts of kindness that others show them.  Taking time to reflect allows children to express their appreciation and gratitude.  It also allows us to see what really matters to them.


Artwork by Berenice Coelho http://mrsberenicesartroom.blogspot.hk

Integrity is described as being honest and demonstrating a considered sense of fairness.  In Years 5 and 6, we have had units of inquiry in Term 1 where we learned the concept of justice when discussing rights and types of governments.  In the Y2 Who we are unit, we touched on fairness when we discussed relationships and how our actions can have an impact on others.  Children learn about integrity in day to day activities and as they strengthen their relationships with each other.  In the classroom and the playground, they learn about fairness — a concept children understand clearer when they are asked, “How would you feel if someone did this to you?” or “What would you think if someone said that to you?”.   When dealing with issues, teachers always emphasise the importance of honesty, of telling the whole truth, not just bits of it.  Learning about integrity is tied into our Rules of Respect and Restorative Practice in school.  Earlier this year (April 2016), we had a parent workshop on Restorative Practice and Mr. Garnett wrote about this in his blog.  If you would like to review it, please click on this LINK.

Y2 Invention Convention


As a final project for their unit of inquiry on How the world works, the Y2 students were asked to design an invention that would show their understanding of forces and simple machines.  The Y2s impressed us with their knowledge and creativity at their Invention Convention on Friday.  Each of the Y2 students were able to share their plan, present their model and explain how the invention would work.  Congratulations to all our Y2 scientists!  Check out Mrs. Ainsworth’s blog for more photos.


Chiqui Colet
Vice Principal and PYP Coordinator

Performing Arts News

Senior Choir: Christmas Concerts Details for Senior Choir (Years 4, 5 and 6)

Carols by Candlelight, Matilda Hospital, Thursday 1st December

  • Arrive at 5:30. where they will be met by Angels and Rudolph!
  • No parking. Free shuttle buses from Peak Galleria from 5:15 p.m.
  • Choir wear School uniform and Choir jackets.
  • Please bring your own Santa Hats. (Available for around  $12 in supermarkets)
  • Parents bring and collect. performance time 6 p.m. Finished by 6:30 p.m.

Island School 50th Anniversary, Saturday 3rd December

  • Tickets $20 at the door, Choir free
  • Choir wear school uniform and choir jackets
  • Arrive at Island School 2 p.m. Perform 3:00 p.m.  Finished by 3:30 p.m.
  • Parents collect by 3:30p.m. (Parents are welcome to stay on with their children afterwards)

St John’s Nativity, Thursday 8th December

  • Arrive at 5:30 p.m at Li Hall (at St Johns)
  • All groups will be told what to wear separately

Jane Engelmann
Performing Arts Coordinator

Library News

For all the latest Library News, please click HERE.

The Library Team

Island School: Island Five-O Festival


You are warmly invited to Island School 50th Anniversary Arts Festival. As well as performances by Island School students and special guests, there will music performances and art exhibits from Beacon Hill, Peak and Glenealy Schools. There will also be drama performances of children’s modern classics. You may even have already met the actors at your school…  There will be an opportunity to chat to these plucky actors after the show and give your feedback!

4 – 4.30pm – ‘Penguin in Peril

Three hungry cats come up with a cunning plan to kidnap a penguin to fish for them. What a great idea! Not for the penguin who makes a daring dash for freedom and has to navigate the busy city full of traffic, nuns, waiters – and three cats in hot pursuit!

5 – 5.30pm – ‘How to Train your Dragon

You may have read the book, or even seen the film… now you can watch the show. Follow Hiccup and his sulky dragon as the danger of the Green Dragon grows ever near…

Event information:

Date: 3 Dec 2016
Time: 3-10pm
Location: Island School, Borrett Road, Mid-levels
Entry Fee :$20

After School Activities













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