PTA Bus Service

Bus Service

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  • To enrol for the 2018-19 school bus service, please download the forms available below, complete and return to the PTA office.
  • The PTA is required to manage to the enrolment and fee collection for the service.  Payments must be made for the full term, in advance.
  • The school bus service is operated by Kwoon Chung Bus Holding Limited.
  • Please direct any enquiries to Jackie To, our school PTA administrator, email or telephone 2849 8376. The opening hours of the PTA in school are 8:00am to 4:00pm.

School Bus Fees

School bus fees are reviewed annually.  Please contact the PTA office to confirm the current fee schedule.

The PTA runs the service on a breakeven basis, to keep bus user fees as low as possible.  To calculate fees we divide the direct cost of the service plus the administration cost by the expected number of users in the coming year.

As a small school, the cost of delivering the service is highly sensitive to the number of users.  A Bus Fund is retained to pay for any unexpected shortfall in bus income in any given year; we aim to keep this fund at $500,000 as a buffer for disruptive events (such as SARS in 2003).    These arrangements will remain in place until bus expenses stabilise, but future PTA committees may aim to return a small surplus to the school via the bus service – as we do with all other activities we undertake on behalf of parents and teachers.

Bus Rules