General Information

Policies and Procedures


The English Schools Foundation operates a zoning policy and an application for admission should be made initially to the school serving the child’s residential area. Current zone arrangements for ESF schools can be found in the ESF Folder, obtainable from the Peak School Office. As the medium of instruction in the Foundation schools is English, applicants will be expected to possess sufficient facility with this language to enable them to benefit from the curriculum offered. Initial applications for children to enter Year 1 classes should be made in the calendar year the child becomes 4. Please contact the school office to ensure that you receive an application form at the correct time.

Bad Weather Procedure

Bad weather procedures can be found HERE.

Car Parking

Though car parking near to school is very limited, please do not use the staff car park during the school day. You are also reminded that the ‘D’ turn-round area near to the main school entrance may only be used for parking between 9.00 and 1 .30. It is vital that at other times, and especially at the beginning and the end of the school day, it is kept clear to enable picking up or dropping off to proceed normally.
Limited longer-term car parking is available near to the junction of Plunkett’s Road and Plantation Road.

Change of Address

It is of vital importance that the school is made aware of any change of address, telephone or fax number (home or office). Failure to inform school could lead to delays at times of emergency. You can update the appropriate information via our Gateway online system.

Decorative Jewellery

Decorative jewellery should not be worn in school. Children who have had their ears pierced may wear plain ear-rings of the stud type. Parents of children who are required to wear particular items for religious reasons should make this known to the school Principal.


Stationery is provided by the school in Years 1,2 and 3 . Students in Years 4, 5 and 6 will be expected to provide their own stationery. As follows:
Pencils (HB and 2B)
Coloured pencils
Pencil case
Pencil sharpener
30cm clear plastic ruler

Fire Drill

The school makes arrangements for Fire Drills to be practised on a regular basis.

Head Lice

Head lice are a perennial problem in all schools, particularly so in our sub-tropical climate. It is best prevented by regular checking at home followed, where necessary, by speedy treatment with an appropriate product. Until such treatment has been given, parents are advised to keep their child at home in order to prevent passing it to other children.

We stress to parents that their child/ren may pass the head lice to other students should they return to school without successful treatment. We ask that parents monitor the situation closely to ensure this does not happen through students returning to school too early.

For more information regarding the head lice, please visit Medical Information page.

Holidays in School Time

We understand that, very occasionally, it may become necessary for children to be withdrawn from school to holiday with parents. We strongly urge you to consider the detrimental effect that any such regular absences may have on your child’s education.


At the Peak School we consider homework to be an integral part of the school’s programme. We believe that as well as its short-term benefits, the routine and organisation of homework makes a valuable contribution to a child’s long-term commitment to learning. However, we do feel that too much homework or too narrow a focus for the work, can be counter-productive, especially for the primary-aged child. Therefore, much of the homework we set is closely related to the child’s current classroom experiences.

Assessment and Reporting

Assessments and reporting information can be found HERE.


At Home
Please notify us as soon as possible should your child be unable to attend school due to illness. It is particularly important to notify us of any illness that may be infectious or contagious.

At School
If your child becomes ill or is hurt at school, the school nurse will decide whether the incident is serious enough to warrant contacting you so that you may collect your child. If neither you nor others named on your contact list are available, then the school, acting in loco parentis, will make the best arrangements possible to ensure your child receives appropriate treatment. The school will, or course, always refer initially to your child’s medical form to take note of your stated preferences regarding hospitals or doctors to be used.


The school has a very thorough lock down procedure in place and this is practiced regularly by the school.

Lost Property

Lost property that is named correctly is quickly returned to children. Un-named lost property is placed in the ‘Lost Property’ in the school office. Long-stay unclaimed items which are un-named are donated to charity.
Please help us to help you by ensuring that all clothing and belongings are clearly named.


ALL medication required to be taken in school MUST be lodged with the school nurse, together with a written consent . Please click HERE for Medical Authorization Form. The school nurse may be contacted directly by telephone on (+852) 2849 7873

Newsletters and Information

Communication between home and school is obviously very important.  We have a full newsletter called Peak View that is sent out fortnightly during the term.  These are sent out electronically via our email system.  We also operate two information blogs which are available to parents to read.  “Take Me to Your Leader” is an information blog written by the Principal and can be found by clicking HERE.  We also have another blog called “A Peek At our Learning” and this blog records all the exciting things that happen at Peak School on a daily basis.  This is updated by our Vice Principal and can be found by clicking HERE.  A list of important dates is sent out at the beginning of each term for you to enter into your dairy as well.

Parents Out of Hong Kong

If both parents are planning to be out of Hong Kong, it is essential that the school is informed and provided with details of your child’s guardian’s address and telephone number.

School Buses

The school bus service is organised by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Please contact the PTA Office, telephone 2849 8376, should you require further information.
Parents of children who normally travel home on the school bus should inform the PTA Bus Coordinator if alternative plans have been made and their child will not be travelling on the bus for any reason .

School Fees

School fees are not payable directly to the school but should be paid to the ESF office.

School Hours

Children should arrive at school from 8.15am and assemble in the lower playground. School starts at 8.30am and ends at 3pm.

School Lunch

Peak School does not provide school lunch. All children must bring a packed lunch to be eaten in class at the start of the lunch break period. Lunch eating is supervised by class teachers. Children may also bring a small snack to be eaten during the mid-morning break.

Nut Allergy: Every year we have children suffering from severe nut allergy which can be life-threatening or even fatal if exposed to or even come near to nuts or other nut products. Children may sometimes share their food or snacks and for the safety of these children, it is therefore of vital importance that any food or snacks that you packed for your child does not contain any nuts or nut products.

Drinks: It is important in Hong Kong’s climate that children are provided with sufficient to drink during the course of the day especially in the hot season. The school has cooled-water fountains but most will bring their own drinks to school. We discourage drinks which contain a high level of sugar and other artificial flavourings. Please ensure that drinks are not sent in glass containers and that morning snack is packaged separately from lunch boxes. We are committed to ‘Healthy Eating’ at Peak School and encourage you to provide a healthy balanced snack and lunch for your child.

School Places

The demand for places at The Peak is high and there are often waiting lists for classes. Please help us to help others by giving as early notification as possible should your family be leaving Hong Kong.

School Reports

The children receive two written reports throughout the year which are made available for the parents via our online Gateway system.  The reports focus on Units of Inquiry, Language (Chinese and English), Maths, Chinese, PE and Music as well as PSE (end of year only).

School Uniform

The Peak School, in common with other ESF schools, has a strong uniform policy. Children should be dressed in appropriate uniform each school day. Uniform can be purchased from school shop and order forms are available from our PTA Administrator at the school office.

School Year

The academic year usually starts in August and runs through until the end of June in the following year. Holidays during the school year include a week-long half term holiday in October/November, one week at Chinese New Year and two weeks at Christmas and Easter. There are also occasional Public Holiday dates throughout the year. Please note that school closes at 12:00 noon on the last day of each full term. Term dates are sent out in school newsletters and can also be found on the website calendar.

Continual Professional Development Procedure

Professional development is essential for continuous improvement in relation to the key areas of the Peak School Development Plan.  It is seen as an opportunity to develop practice, increase confidence, knowledge and skills and provide avenues for professional networking.

Peak School CPD Procedures can be found HERE.