School Council

Each ESF School has an elected School Council. The terms of reference and the functions of the School Council are mandated by Ordinance and Regulation. The individual members of the School Council reflect the many groups in ESF schools and the wider community and they undertake the role on a voluntary basis. Council members have equal status. Council members are expected to play an active role in school affairs, act in good faith and in the best interests of the school and its students. The School Council works with the Principal to set the strategic direction for the school within the framework set by the ESF Board. The Council works to promote high standards of learning and achievement and will also decide how the school’s budget should be spent.

The Council’s key roles can be summarised to include:

  1. Providing a strategic overview.
  2. Acting as a critical friend.
  3. Ensuring accountability.

The current School Council members are:

Mr. Vincent So

Mr. Bill Garnett

Mr. Charles Cadwell
ESF Representative

Mrs. Chrissy Etchells-Bailey
Staff Representative

Mr. Mark Evans
Staff Representative

Mrs. Sophia Saurez
PTA Chair

Ms. Vindya Bhat
PTA Representative

Mrs. Karmen Wong
Support Staff Representative