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About the PTA


Welcome to the Peak School Parent Teachers Association LTD (hereinafter: PTA).

The PTA is incorporated and a Hong Kong registered charity, which is led by the Executive Committee, a group of highly motivated and dedicated volunteers.  The principal activities of the Association are to improve educational outcomes by raising funds and facilitating relationship between the school teachers and the parents of students.

The PTA relies on income from PTA fees, services, fundraising events, and donations from the community, to fund additional school initiatives. All parents at Peak School are required to become members of the  PTA and pay an annual membership fee (Form link below).

Key Activities / Services of the PTA:

  • Supporting the school and community through investment in educational and community resources.
  • Organising social events to foster a vibrant and active school community.
  • Supporting the school’s Class Parents
  • Administering the school bus service.

We encourage all parents of Peak School students to actively participate by volunteering their time and skills in our sub-committees (Fundraising, Finance, Sustainability), and for school events, donating funds to support the PTA initiatives, or by becoming a member of the PTA  Executive Committee.


The PTA Administrator: Debbie Kane (

Address: 20 Plunketts Road, The Peak, Hong Kong
Bus Related Enquiries:
Telephone: 2849 8376

The opening hours of the PTA office at Peak School are: 12:pm to 3:30pm on school days

  • Please Note – The PTA office is not open during school holidays (unless otherwise stated).


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) of the PTA is made up of Parent Representatives (up to 12), Teacher Representatives (up to 3) and the School Principal.   Parent representatives need to be nominated by existing EC members and are then elected each year during the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  From the pool of Parent Representatives, the EC elects a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer and a Secretary.  The EC convenes about monthly.

The Chairperson of the PTA, is also a member of the Committee of Parents (COMPAR), which comprises all ESF School PTA Chairpersons as well as the ESF Senior Executives.  The COMPAR meets each term to give advice and comment on affairs of the ESF Foundation as a whole.

The PTA also nominates one parent representative to sit on the Peak SCHOOL COUNCIL, which is effectively the Governing Body of The Peak School.  In recent years, the Chairperson of the PTA has been this representative.  Peak School parents can also elect one additional parent to be a 2nd member of the SCHOOL COUNCIL.  This election might be organised by the  SCHOOL COUNCIL and not the PTA.


Peak School PTA – Executive Committee
Patrick Kaminski Chairperson
Erica Lamson Vice Chairperson
Daniel McCosker Honorary Treasurer
David Cameron Honorary Secretary
Katy Dhupelia Parent Representative
Erika Freiman Parent Representative
Angela Loundes Parent Representative
Wendy Michael Parent Representative
Samantha Robinson Parent Representative
Lisette Schouten Parent Representative
William Davies Parent Representative
Sofia Suarez Parent Representative
Olivia Waung Parent Representative
Donovan Wong Parent Representative
Bill Garnett Principal Representative
Chrissy Bailey Teacher Representative
Marama Fowke Teacher Representative



Memorandum and Articles of Association

Memorandum and Articles of Association of Peak School Parent and Teachers Association LTD

Please direct any further inquiries to Debbie Kane, our school PTA Administrator, email or telephone 2849 8376.


Important Documents

PTA AGM Minutes 2020, held on April 26th, 2020 (including Financial Report)

PTA AGM Minutes 2019

PTA Financial Report 2019

PTA AGM Minutes 2018

PTA Financial Report 2018