Peak School Library

The library at Peak School is a place where readers are grown and a love of books is fostered. We are growing lifelong readers and to do so we take great care in making sure our library space and collection are attuned to the needs and wants of our students. The Library is a calm oasis in the liveliness of school life. Open from before school starts to after the students leave, the library is often full during break times and during class library lessons. The collection of books is curated to represent our global community and a world beyond, with new content being constantly added.

Services provided by the library include resource provision for students, staff members and parents within the school’s community. Our collections include; Picture books, junior fiction, fiction, graphic novels, non-fiction, Biographies, mother tongue languages, magazines, parent resources and teaching resources. We maintain physical and digital resources for our school community. All are welcome in the Peak School library, it’s here to be discovered.


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