Peak School Library is both the home of reading, for pleasure and for study, and the centre of quality information in the school.

Through books (in many languages), DVDs, laptops, iMacs, TVs, iPads and interactive whiteboards, children are encouraged to explore the subjects they are interested in.

The Librarians, Mrs. Rodwell, Mrs. Campbell, and Mrs. Gaylard, work collaboratively with the teachers to support the curriculum with both fiction and non-fiction titles, and to develop reading skills and information literacy skills across the school.

The library hours are 8.15am to 3.15pm on Monday to Friday and the library is open to students at break time and lunch time as well as class time. Each class has a scheduled borrowing time during the week. Students must bring their library bag to school to borrow resources and are given a library card, which is kept at school, which they use to independently scan their books.

Each year has a different borrowing allowance and children are encouraged to take both fiction and non-fiction books:

Year 1 – I resource

Year 2 – 2 resources

Year 3 – 3 resources

Year 4 – 3 resources

Year 5 – 4 resources

Year 6 – 4 resources

Books can be borrowed for 7 days, and may be renewed twice, but all library resources must be bought into school on the day of the library lesson.  Students who have overdue resources are unable to borrow until they have cleared their accounts. Lost resources need to be paid for with a $100 per resource replacement fee and a letter will come home requesting this payment. Parents are asked to respond promptly so that children can continue to borrow from the library.

Parents are welcome to join the library as borrowers to take advantage of our growing selection of books on all aspects of parenting as well as borrowing books to read to their children. They are also welcome to help in the library. Please contact the librarians to organise this.

Donations of books and other resources are also welcome. However, please be aware that we have to be selective so that we can maintain a high standard of resources and some donations may be donated to a third party.

Using the links below, children and parents can access Olly, the library database, and a wealth of information, games and advice on our Peak School Library Netvibes page.


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