PTA Donations

The Peak School PTA relies on income and donations from parents to fund events and projects for the school

The principal sources of PTA funding for new initiatives and infrastructure are:

– Fundraising events 

– Membership fees paid annually by all Peak School families

– Voluntary individual donations


The Peak School PTA is a registered charity and donations may be eligible for tax deduction

Peak School Parent Teachers Association Limited is organised as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and a Hong Kong Registered Charity.   The  association is a charitable institution that is exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.  Any donations made to the organisation may be tax deductible.  Please contact the PTA for details.


Membership Fees and Voluntary Donations

All Peak School families pay a mandatory PTA Membership fee upon joining Peak School as per ESF regulations.

Voluntary contributions of any amount are also appreciated by the PTA.  If you are able to assist or donate, please contact our school PTA administrator, email or telephone 2849 8376.

Allocation of PTA funds will be determined by the Executive Committee and guided by the Principal’s strategic priorities.  If you have a specific project request for your donation, you are also most welcome to make a proposal.


Your PTA contributions at work

Visiting Authors

Visiting Authors                                                           Gardening Club                                           ICT Funding


Corporate Grant Schemes

In 2014, Peak School PTA registered with the Goldman Sachs employee donation matching scheme, whereby for each $1 to the PTA by parents who are Goldman Sachs employees, the firm will match with an additional $1 of funding.  This is very efficient for the donor and valuable for the PTA also.

Several other employers offer this type of gift matching scheme, however it usually requires an employee to register the PTA as an eligible recipient.  If your employer offers a similar opportunity and you would like to enrol the Peak School PTA in the program, please contact us.