PTA Donations

Did You Know…

That these initiatives were funded in whole or in part by the by Peak School PTA?

The PTA fund projects to support the school teachers and administrators to enhance the educational experience for all students of the school.  This year, the PTA is investing over $500,000.00 in the school, including contributions to new playground equipment, school resources such as library books and Mathletics, the permaculture project, and maintaining the potted plants at the school.

Did You Know…

That Peak School PTA relies on income and donations from parents to fund its activities?

The principal sources of PTA funding for new initiatives and infrastructure are:

  • surpluses earned from social events such as the movie night and bingo night;
  • membership fees paid annually by all Peak School families;
  • a small surplus from uniform sales;
  • voluntary individual donations.

Did You Know…

That Peak School PTA is a registered charity and donations may be eligible for tax deduction?

Peak School Parent Teachers Association Limited is organised as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and Hong Kong Registered Charity.  Any donations made to the organisation will be recognised with a receipt for tax purposes.

Voluntary Donations

All Peak School families pay a mandatory $600 fee towards PTA membership at the start of the year.

You are also invited to make a voluntary contribution of any amount.  This can be done at time of PTA enrolment (by completing the amount on the enrolment form, and including payment), or at any time of the year.

Allocation of donations will be determined by the Executive Committee and guided by the Principal’s strategic priorities.  The PTA aims to invest donations quickly, and will make every effort to communicate with you how the funds have been used.  If you have a specific request, you are also most welcome to make a proposal.

Peak School Parent Teachers Association Limited is a charitable institution that is exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.  Any donations made to the organisation will be recognised with a receipt and may be tax deductible.  Please consult your tax advisor.

Corporate Grant Schemes

In 2014, Peak School PTA registered with the Goldman Sachs employee donation matching scheme, whereby for each $1 to the PTA by parents who are Goldman Sachs employees, the firm will match with an additional $1 of funding.  This is very efficient for the donor and valuable for the PTA also.

Several other employers offer this type of gift matching scheme, however it usually requires an employee to register the PTA as an eligible recipient.  If your employer offers a similar opportunity we would like to enrol the Peak School PTA in the program.  Please get in touch.

The school also successfully applied for and received a grant of $5,000 of from Park’n’Shop which was used towards funding the permaculture project.  If you are aware of other corporate grant schemes for which Peak School may be eligible, please don’t hesitate to bring it to the attention of the PTA.

Centenary Fund

The Centenary Fund is the surplus from the school’s centenary celebrations in 2011.  This fund is used solely to fund an annual artist in residence, which in recent years has included popular children’s author and illustrator.

Miranda Quinney visiting Peak School in 2017

We were delighted to welcome Miranda Quinney to the school for a 2-day creative story writing workshop with the Year 3 and Year 4 classes.

Chris Bradford visiting Peak School in 2016

Chris Bradford is an award-winning author and black belt martial artist, best known for his children’s fictional series, Young Samurai. The first Young Samurai book, The Way of the Warrior, was published by Puffin Books in 2008.

Kim Michelle Toft visiting Peak School in 2015

Kim Michelle Toft is a full-time marine artist, author, illustrator and publisher of environmental children’s books depicting vibrant underwater worlds handpainted on silk.

Liz Million visiting Peak School in 2014

Liz Million is based in the UK, where she writes and illustrates children’s books. She visits schools, libraries and museums all over the world to talk about her work and to show people how to draw and write. It is her focus on illustration as well as story-telling that gives Liz a unique perspective and her workshops are fun and interactive.

Alan Gibbons visiting Peak School in 2013

Alan Gibbons has been writing children’s books for twenty three years. He is the winner of the Blue Peter Book Award 2000 ‘The book I couldn’t put down’ for his best-selling book Shadow of the Minotaur. He was a judge of the 2001 Awards.

How can you help?

  • Please pay your membership fees, bus service fees or any other dues to the PTA on time.
  • Please participate in PTA events – either by volunteering or attending – to raise funds and build a stronger school community.
  • Please consider a voluntary donation to the PTA towards investment in educational facilities for the school.
  • Please help the PTA to enrol in relevant corporate grant schemes that may be available through your employer.

If you are able to assist or donate, please contact our school PTA administrator, email or telephone 2849 8376.